Share your pets!


Resident animal weirdo here :wave:t3:

It brings me great joy to see the shenanigans of other people’s pets.
Daily, weekly, once, whatever! I wanna see lizards and cats and fish and dogs and donkeys and just… whatever you’ve got!

My dog has her own savings account, so this subject is also relevant to the topic of money (felt like I needed to justify…)



I go.





I really like your an cermit. Is that where your name comes from too? =)


For anyone wondering about an cermet.


Hahaha thank you. I didn’t even think about sharing a link :woman_facepalming: Maintaining my track record of accidentally looking unhinged


I want the weather to warm up so he can go on more bike rides! Laundry basket will be on the front this year :slight_smile:


Miss kitten was very very tired and requested a lap while SSO was working.


Omg I’m in love…:heart_eyes:


That cat looks substantial in size. I like substantially sized cats. Is that cat substantial in size? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Aww, no, it’s a trick of the fact she’s draped over a leg. She’s actually quite a small kitty.
Here is a comparison with a regular sized hand:

Bonus Substantial Cat, my childhood cat/sibling:


I accept your offering of substantially sized childhood cat. I also love smol cats. They both look soft.



Look at those dapper lil dudes!!


This is the only thread I need.

Edited to take credit for des’s puppy.


Excuse me… but that pups spots turn from greyish black to tan halfway down their chest. I… I just… I can’t even. :heart_eyes: :sob:


Percy is being unjustly treated by a mama who wont stay still enough, and he is so tired that he has to sleep detached. He has had a very exhausting day of protecting me from poor decisions.


LOL. My an cermet is very much overgrown. And he needs to learn how to share the dang couch.


someone is trying to join conference calls