2022 BINGO! A Choose-Your-Own-Goals challenge.

2022 BINGO Will run through all of 2022.

The theme of BINGO is to fill out a bingo card filled with goals you write yourself.

When a row, column, or diagonal is completed, “shout” (type expressively) BINGO, and if you want, claim a prize by @-ing the person providing it. (Prizes will be put in a later post, a link will be provided)

Making Your Card

Keep in mind a standard bingo card:

Which typically has 25 spaces, with one of those being a free space.

Create a BINGO card with up to 24 goals. Or 25, because some people like to live life on the edge without a free space, or like square numbers… You do you. I’m not the boss of you. This card can be digital or physical.


There are tools online where you can fill in a bingo card and have it randomize for you. I’ve been looking at this one, which allows you to randomize just column-by-column if you want. So you can have a column be a category of goals.



  • One card per person.
  • You may claim a prize for each BINGO.
  • Refrain from claiming additional limited-quantity prize until December starts, to make sure everyone gets a good chance at those “limited edition” items :slight_smile:
  • You may delay your BINGO prize claims.
  • Goals on the board must be completed after January 1st 2022 and before January 1st 2023.
  • You can change your goals as much as you want before 2022 starts.
  • You may re-do your board once during the year if you want.
  • If something happens that makes it impossible/bad to complete a goal, change it. No hard feelings. Just don’t run a marathon with a broken foot because of this challenge, okay?
  • You can join at any time during the year!
  • Constructive discussion about how to accomplish goals is welcome, but please respect it if someone says a goal is not up for critique on its difficulty or usefulness.

Goal-Making Guidelines

  • Goals don’t all have to be huge. Be kind to yourself. Have fun. Put “pick my nose” and “pet the cat” in there with “get a new job” and “buy a house” if you want.
  • Consider that some goals like “don’t do x all year” or “do x every week for the whole year” can’t be officially finished until the end of the year. These aren’t prohibited, just keep in mind it could make getting BINGO before Dec. 31st harder.

At fist I saw this thread and I was like “No way would I be able to come up with 24 things” and then I thought about it for a bit and came up with 12. Scrolling through the beginning of last year’s thread gave me a handful of other ideas. I’m not great at goals so this is more like a to do list where I know I won’t get everything done.

Current draft:
B - Body

  • Gyno visit, check on my IUD/when does it need to be replaced
  • Dentist
  • PT for hip (thank you to everyone in my journal who talked me through this)
  • Regular fitness routine? Couch to 5k
  • Whole 30ish

I - inner work?

  • Resilience course work (wraps up in July I think)
  • Read/do Inner Child book
  • Continue monthly dates with Mr. Meer
  • Vacation!
  • Write short stories from prompts X times? Maybe 24 (twice a month)?

N - [theme not required, it just happened organically with the other ones]

G - Grown Upping (Adulting)

  • Max out IRA, 401k. HSA?
  • At least $25 to charity each month.
  • Update “hit by a bus” file
  • Fence repair
  • Begin bathroom reno?


  • Kiddo dentist
  • Back up photos. Stretch goal, make a “year book”
  • Read 12 books by BIPOC
  • Read 12 books we already own

I know I want to do this, but want to wait and see what I can actually finish on this year’s bingo before I make a new card.

Thanks for setting it up!

I came up with the necessary 24. I may change these before the end of the year however.

1.Use my cleaning plan for a month, for two, for more!
2.Move the stinkin’ blog to the website already.
3.Keep documentation up to date
4.Get rid of boxes of books by 6/30 Blew this one!
5.Track the cleaning
6. 3 months, no panic attack
7.Put the laundry away
8.Clean & cook simultaneously Figured this one out. It’s a continual process, but unless I’m hyperstressed or overwhelmed, I’m doing this these days.
9.Clean, inventory auction bits
10.Move bed downstairs
11.Move couch upstairs
12.Organize filing* I’ve been working on it.7/16*
13.Sell writing
14.Start YouTube channel
15.Plan & plant garden
16.Close storage, if I haven’t by 12/31/21 Not done by 12/31/21**I just asked DH if he would take the 2nd Monday in June off so we could rent a Uhaul van and close the storage before we owe another month’s rent? He couldn’t. Still in the storage 7/16
DONE! 9/26/22
17.Weed beds at least 3x
18.Work on websites I’ve done this, but they aren’t done. Not sure how much to count?
19.Food/waste tracking
20.Plant gr. Manure fall
21.Plant garlic fall
22.Make garlic braid A neighbor gave me more garlic so I strung it up. I will make another in the fall, but this supplements the end of last year’s braid. (I have 2 heads left.) :frowning:
23.Teach onion class (Didn’t get asked.)
24.Smile a lot more


Thanks Greyweld for bringing this to the forums. I have yet to follow through on working towards the bingo, but maybe this will be the year? :joy:


So excited! Two questions about goal things:

Is it ok if one of my goals is not shared? It’s quite personal but it’s also definitely one of my biggest goals for early 2022.

Second, is it alright if some of the goals are just fun or easier than others? Like buying a piece of clothing I’ve been putting off because it’s expensive?

I would also love to offer a prize! I’m not sure if either of these fit the bill, but I can offer a hand embroidered flour sack towel and/or a 500-700 word fanfic in Marvel, Good Omens, or Sherlock fandom, requestor’s choice of pairing and prompt.


Yes! We have had people put “secret goal” for squares before. That’s totally cool.


Also yes! Part of the joy of Bingo is that having easy goals and hard goals can give some variety and easy wins along with big things.


ADHD is acting up today and I’ve only been reading a paragraph at a time, sorry.

Yes!! I forgot to put:


If you would like to offer a prize, let me know in the thread or by PM and just let me know what you are offering, how many, and if it’s a physical thing whether you want to only ship to your country.


Awesome! I will offer one of each (towel and fic). Willing to ship the towel to US or Canada, fic can be delivered virtually =)


I will offer an anthology: fantasy, science fiction, or horror, the winner’s choice. US only. These are paper books. As I’m one of the editors, yes, it can be autographed to the recipient.

The books are short-short fiction < 2000 words, approx 40 stories to a volume.

Most of the stories are by established writers. Except for the last book, one of the requirements we had was that the author had to be an established pro. We’ve published a few stories by first timers, or those just starting, but except for the last book (horror) that was an exception rather than the norm. The call for the last book was open to any previously published author.

I will on request send the Table of Contents for any of the 3 books to the winner to help with the selection process. The books/authors/stories will stand on their own.


I responded to the wrong person. The prize offer was sent to maggie_in_da_woods. Apologies!


Yay I’m in. I was not very good at keeping up with this in 2021 but I still love putting together goals for the year. I’ll try to check in monthly in 2022.


I am working on my goals. My card isn’t ready yet but I am in.


First pass at card…might make a few more tweaks, but it has most of the major items filled in.


Here’s my first attempt. I could write up 5 or 6 of these! One for each area of my life!

To be fair, some of these are jobs Hubby will do with my input or with me. A lot depends on his decision whether to go on a two month long bicycle trip or not.


Post reserved for prizes when I get around to it :grimacing:

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B = Books
I = Improvements
N = Noms
G = Go (outside?)
O = Other


Ohhh wait I also want to start a food blog so when I give friends recipes I can just direct them to my blog rather than sending them an emailed recipe for the thousandth time. What do I replace that with? A recipes I guess?

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I would like to offer some prizes too but need to figure that out!

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