Tiny Victories


I actually returned something that didn’t work for me rather than eating the cost! And it was just slightly more back to my card than the thing I needed to purchase to replace it.


I checked the website belonging to the author of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. She created a section of the site devoted just to pictures of dogs.
I like her.


That page is DELIGHTFUL.


Facebook reminded me that 7 years ago today my little dude wore this to school.


I made a thing, and it was really yummy!


I cleaned my floors! Vacuumed the hard floors and soft floors and mopped all the hard flooring (most of our place). Our place isn’t like, mega huge, but it’s still like 1300 sq ft. And my energy has been zilch, so it hasn’t gotten done for a while. We’re hosting tomorrow though, and the floors were bad. Very proud of myself for getting it done!

Also, Husband was going to make 2 ingredient cookies. Then realized after already mushing the bananas that he’d used the rest of the oats. Whoops. Instead, I realized we had all the needed ingredients for banana bread. It’s in the oven now.

Victory update: picture.


My last “paycheck” (payout of vacation time) was deposited in my account. I may not need to move any money over from savings this month! And if I do, it’s maybe only a couple hundred dollars. Woot!


My office got this delicious dandelion-peach tea and it’s such a joy.


Beautiful cake you’ve made there, @mountainmustache29! Tell us what’s under the pretty outside, please. I know @flan cares as well. :slight_smile:


What do dandelions taste like, @diapasoun?

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I Followed Up on a 2-week old work email this week. I was helping another team and had asked them for details, and…crickets. I suck at Following Up, especially when I do it late which is always. But this time it worked out :blush:


oooh love the berries as topping!! yes yes what’s inside @mountainmustache29?

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When with peach, at least, nice and tasty! This tea is mostly peach with a few of those sort of grassy overtones I associate with the smell of dandelion.


I finally forced myself to put away my clean laundry last night so tonight when I get home I don’t have to first, berate myself for being a lazy slob who won’t put away her clothes, and then second, push everything off onto a pile on the floor so I can lie down on my bed (as I had been doing for mumble mumble number of days until yesterday.)

Now I can wash more clothes…

(I’m actually a pretty neat and tidy person and I hate messes and I won’t let my family leave their shit everywhere, but I have a real block about putting away my laundry. Only mine. I help my kids put theirs away all the time. I just can’t do my own for some reason. I’d rather go scrub the toilet, honestly.)


I’m being a social human tonight, beginning at 8!!! That’s my bedtime.
I’m already exhausted at the prospect, but I am doing it!


@Frecks and @flan thank you! It is a berry chantilly cake. It’s my absolute favorite bakery cake, but this was my first time making it at home! It’s a vanilla cake, 2 layers, and then you slice the layers in half to make 4 layers. Each layer is soaked in berry syrup, and then topped with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, and then a layer of Chantilly cream (which is mascarpone cheese, whipping cream and powdered sugar). It’s basically equal parts cake to berries and cream which is my ideal proportion…haha! I should have taken a picture of the inside, but it got eaten too fast!

I followed this recipe loosely https://www.asuechef.com/copycat-whole-foods-chantilly-cake-2-0/


I’m continuing to do things! I saw a friend and had a lovely hang out. I went and picked up free little plant pots from Buy Nothing so I can gift spider plant pups in cute containers. I dropped off dry cleaning! So our dog-vomited-upon comforter will be back in commission soon. Went to the grocery store, too. All in all, very productive day!


I needed a new bra, and waited long enough that I got a $25 off coupon for the store (Madewell), and was able to get a $34 bra for $9!


Talked Spouse into canceling a rental car, I will drive him and pick him up after. He should have talked to me first before reserving the car.


Tony victor: I relaxed today!

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