Tiny Victories

I got 2500 Alaska miles credited to my account because my bag was late getting to baggage claim!

I didn’t post this in the “save money” thread because it’s not quite the same as saving money, but…

I checked a bag on my flight for the first time in like a year, and Alaska has a guarantee that your bag will be at baggage claim within 20 minutes of getting to the gate. Decided to time it, and my bag showed up 24 minutes after we got to the gate. So I called customer service and got 2500 miles credited to my account!


We’re hustling the rewards cards hard for this next IVF cycle. Doing one for the clinic fee. Found out the rotating category for the Chase Freedom this quarter includes drug stores- we contacted them and this WILL include the specialty pharmacy we order fertility meds from. So we got one for Husband, using the referral code of the friend who mentioned it, and then he sent a referral code to ME, so I can get one too. Double the bonus, and since the category cap is $1500, we should be able to get 5% back on $3k worth of fertility med spending.

Does anyone know if you have to let the account balance sit for the full billing period to get rewards? The limit on the card we want to use for the clinic is $15k, but it’s a $21k cost. Will I get full cash back if we pay with it, pay it off early, and then use it again? Or will I need to split this across another card? Thanks.


I’ve never heard of the rewards being tied to the balance of the card, just based on the purchase made. I don’t have that particular card but I get a lot of rewards points on my cards and I usually pay them off before the statement date.

Whoopsies! Got a little button-pushy over here :wink:

Yep, cash rewards are linked to the purchase itself. So rack up the rewards, pay it off, rack up some more - to the $ limit and timeframe of that category.

Yay! Thank you both!

I always just keep my cards on autopsy, so I’ve never had to play with this before!



Dang autocorrect! >.< autoPAY

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Band Name of the Day: Credit Card Autopsy


You just know that they release on vinyl.

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Reminds me of the bone records of Russia back when non Soviet music was banned in the 1950s. People smuggled in music by making pressings of records onto x-rays.


You need to make art out of this piece of history, bone art person. <3

OK, everyone can go home now. I won the tiny victories championship.

I had a surprise period start and I was already wearing my rattiest underwear.


You always win these things. Why bother to compete?

I have faith that, with hard work and perseverance, you can win too. <3

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Today is a fasting day. there are 2 fasting days per week, making my grocery bill is 5/7th lower.

I’ve been doing this for a while, so this isn’t a new tiny victory, but it’s an often repeated tiny victory. These things matter.

You mean 2/7 lower, yes, Able Jack?

Today I get to a pharmacy to get my prescription filled for my new magic energy boosting medicine!* I’m utterly astounded because it’s $35 for an entire year’s worth of medicine, assuming we got the dose right first go. That’s very cheap for modern magic.

'* thyroid supplement.

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It was smart to fast on your two most expensive food days. Quite impressive the other 5 days only account for 2 days worth of food :1st_place_medal: for you!

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@QueenAlice, @LadyDuck:

Yes, yes. I made a dum. It’s definitely 2/7th, not 5/7th lower.


Smart asses, all of you.

But @PAWG, wouldn’t your caloric consumption correspondingly rise on non fast days? Or do you track and restrict?


I came home and made nachos… And have hosted both my guests without doing an emergency splurge.

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