Tiny Complaints

This is a great idea! I might steal it!

Most cats do chill after age 2-3ish. I had mini trees with breakable ornaments with my adult cats for years. I haven’t tried with the kittens yet, they are 2 and still pretty rambunctious and play quite vigorously still. Maybe next year!


Challenge accepted!

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@daffodil2001 my vote is for real tree and decorating it with catnip toys.


My sink was completely full of dishes from yesterday in the morning. (I did no dishes yesterday.) I timed it and it took me 12 minutes to wash them all, except for one pan that is soaking because of stuck on stuff. I hate washing dishes so much, and I procrastinate it so much, but it is really a very minor thing and I clean kitchen brings be great joy. WHY AM I LIKE THIS?


Are we the same person? I am sitting like 15 feet from a kitchen full of dirty dishes and there is a procrastination force field keeping me from going in there.


My Tiny Complaint is that I can’t tell whether @katscratch is being serious :joy_cat:

Odds of this happening in my house are pretty high:


Also I’m apparently that person now: welcome to Catmas 2019.


Everyone at my polling place this afternoon knows how I voted, because the machine rejected my ballot.

All the races were uncontested, and I don’t vote for people running unopposed (for ideological reasons, not because I didn’t like the candidates). The machine wouldn’t accept a blank ballot without a poll-worker override, and said poll worker was quite loud in explaining what she had to do to get the machine to take a blank ballot.


Duolingo introduced about 50 adverbs and conjunctions all at once and I only know about half of them. Feeling very unaccomplished.


Duolingo is achievement troll


Old dog came and snuffled me at 5:07 am. Second complaint: this was 23 minutes before my alarm. Third complaint: I lay awake from 12:30 to 2:45 am.

(Old dog can snuffle a person in bed while standing flat-footed next to the bed…


I thought my FitBit wasn’t syncing right, but then realized I just slept SO poorly the last hour I was in bed, that it thought I was up already. And that’s pretty reflective of the whole night, TBH. Both not enough sleep, and terrible sleep. Only got one two hour stretch last night, all the rest were wakeups every 60-90 min.

Complaint two: still pregnant with no signs of labor. (Sorry guys, but get used to these. Might be another 8 days of them haha).

Complaint three: Husband was supposed to be done going out of town for work. He was supposed to cap out at going only an hour away. Something came up that he decided to NOT say no to, so today he’ll be 2+ hours away for work. Terrified I’ll go into labor while he’s gone. Terrified I’ll need to go in to the hospital and have no way to get there. Etc.


You’re allowed.


  1. I don’t like that BJ has all this stress. I don’t like it at all.

  2. All of the kids at his middle school think that little dude is a girl. Today he is being integrated into the gym class, meaning he has to use the change room. With the boys. With middle school boys. He has been shown the gender neutral change room but wants to use the boys’ room. I think you folks see my worry here.


There is no butter in the house. All the things I want to eat have butter. I don’t want to leave the house. No one else is here or available to retrieve for me butter. You see my issue.




My apple is unpleasantly soft instead of crisp.

(AND YUCK I just accidentally bit into a giant bruise that I did not see. Yuck yuck yuck.)


Oh, I hope things go ok for Little Dude.


I hate mealy apples - yuck.

A large number of people yesterday and today told me I don’t look pregnant yet. A large number food shamed me today. I would like to eat while healthy foods but my body isn’t feeling it. So if I’m going to work 8 hours on my feet, yes I will be eating whatever the fuck I can manage.

I have to pee and there are people between me and the bathroom.

My tea at home didn’t brew. so no tea.

I personally know someone who had an appointment at this clinic with another practitioner. I asked them to get me tea and coffee for friends. They didn’t see the message…and when they were here I said not to worry. But AFTER their appointment they said that they didn’t understand my message.

I will crop and share:

Is very clear Canadian English, yes?


Ugh interpersonal conflict. I need to have a backbone and not apologize to restore the peace when I am not wrong. I HATE CONFLICT and want it to disappear magically.