Catmas 2019

I feel like I should apologize for starting this before American Thanksgiving but at least it’s after Halloween?

So here’s a place for all things cat + Christmas related. If you have or are looking for genius ideas to keep your Christmas tree safe from your cat(s), adorable cat themed Christmas decorations and snacks, etc., this is the place for you!
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I need to crochet a stocking for Kitty, so I clearly need to be part of this thread.


I don’t even celebrate xmas but I am so happy this thread exists.

We were trying to figure out if we could make our cat a menorah off of which she could eat an oily treat every day…



I was looking for something else earlier and came across these gifs that are surprisingly relevant to my life:
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cat tree GIF


I literally laughed out loud.

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Calling @TrisPrior to this thread, because that dangly tree is a joke but not entirely!


Also a joke but not entirely:


Yay! This is my first holiday season with a pet ever, and I’m excited but also am trying not to go overboard. I am definitely going to get a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament and put a picture of my cat in it, though.

Does anyone have advice for bringing your cat to a non-pet household for the holidays? Specifically, how to keep your cat in certain areas without doors, and good short-term litter box suggestions? My parents said I can bring my cat, but we’re trying to figure out the logistics. It’s just my small, immediate family, and my cat loves attention and is great around new people, so I think she’ll probably be fine, but I want to be as prepared as possible. I’ll be at my parents’ for at least 2 nights (if it was just 1, I’d probably leave her at my place).


Before we moved closer to family, my husband and I used to take our cat with us on weekend trips to our home state probably eight-ten times a year. We started when she was a kitten and she’s always been good about riding in the car. We tried lining a cardboard box with a plastic bag and then putting litter in it but she didn’t like it, so we stopped doing anything for the ~four hour car ride and she only had one accident in like five years. We kept litter boxes at our parents’ houses and then cleaned the boxes and put them in the garage when we left. There are also disposable litter boxes intended for short term use, if keeping a regular one at your parents’ house isn’t an option. You might also want to put litter boxes in a couple spots and show your cat where all of them are if you have a fussy cat. Ours is really good about always using the box so she’s always been fine with just one.

At my parents’ house we kept the cat in the basement with the door closed since they have dogs. She was allowed anywhere at my in-laws’ house. I have no idea how you’d corral a cat if there aren’t doors that work to keep her contained.


My only suggestion is to bring her own litter box, OR at the very least some used litter to put in the litter box at your parent’s house. I know it sounds gross, but she will recognize the scent and therefore go in the right place in the new location rather than some unwanted location!! Also, if you are using a new box, use the same kind of litter. Some cats are very particular about substrate and scent.

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My cats would totally leap onto that hanging tree. Girl Kitty can Spider-Man her way up pretty much anything. Though oddly, it was her brother who was the first to leap onto the top of the entertainment center today.

(He is totally checking out the pumpkin that @diapasoun made for me. Also note Girl Kitty on the tower in the background thinking “hmmmmm…”)


Does anyone have suggestions for some sort of mic I could ask for for Christmas that would help pick up my cats’ purring when I’m recording video on my phone? I have an iPhone 6s if that matters. Also maybe some sort of zoom lens for when they’re on the other side of the room and I want to get a picture without moving because if I move they’ll stop doing whatever cute/crazy thing they’re doing?

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That sounds like an @aaronpk question??
I got nothing.


At least you have a cat. :sob:


I make peace with the Ikea ornaments suffering a noble and festive death, and try to keep the sentimental ones alive. Results are mixed


She is my gift. :heart: She especially loves laying under the tree when the lights are on and she’s toasty warm!


@daffodil2001 and @CalBal Thank you both! I might be able to keep a litter box at my parents (I’ll have to ask), but I think it would probably be easier for everyone if I just bring her own.

Ooh, I need this thread. I thought we would be able to do a regular Christmas tree this year, but we have a kitten now… maybe if we just put the important ornaments high up on the tree, we’ll be safe? He doesn’t seem to be a high leaper.


We blocked ours in a kitchen with a baby gate one year, but he had diabetic neuropathy* and couldn’t really jump at all. They sell pet playpens that are just several wire panels hinged together so they can fold flat for transport, but again may be too low for cats. Maybe a wire kennel?

*since healed because cats are miraculous nerve regenerating little freaks of nature.