The Unf*ck It Thread

Anyone want a (gross) in-progress unfckening? May I present the @#*^ floors in my newly purchased but older house (yes, I shall proceed to whine from my castle lol)

This photo was taken after 2 rounds of vacuuming with a very good vacuum:

I have now mopped those floors in the photo…10? times in the past couple days and might be getting to the bottom of the grime? We’ll see.

These are the carpets that were lurking under the sellers’ furniture and are crunchy.
That’s the next (and hopefully last :crossed_fingers:) big thing we’re working on before moving in


Oh god that carpet gives me the heebiejeebies


Me toooooooo

Also - see those 6 indentations close to the corner? That’s where the bed was

So was someone stepping into that every single day?? :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


Seems like you are past this point but electrostatic means like swiffer dusters or microfiber cloths/mops should pick up hair, dust, etc possibly better than a vac?

Once you get through deep cleaning, if you have lots of hard floor area I highly recommend a Bissell like mine (I have the pet pro but would get this one now). Unless you love mopping I guess.


How easy are these to clean? Like, are they good for spot cleaning or are they such a pain in the ass that you only get them out for special occasions? I have definitely fantasized about one of these even though my hard floor space is not that big.

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Clean time: Slightly more than a vacuum (dump canister) , I think similar to a mop and bucket. The stand that comes with it doubles as a self clean station, you pour out some clean water and suck it up cleaning the roller in the process. I also wipe the stand/bottom with paper towel and remove corner dirt, somewhat optional. Then you HAVE to dump the dirty water, rinse the container and filter, leave it all to dry. It comes apart and rinses easy, this takes 2 min. And it fits better in a bathroom sink than an actual bucket. Spouse left it full of sewage one time and I was so pissed when I went to use it. He was busy so I cleaned it for him but he got an Official Warning this would not happen again. I had to soak the brush in oxi clean and got new filters.

I don’t find it worthwhile for something I can do with a spray and a rag, but for a room I might get it out and half fill. Mostly great for whatever your preferred regular room vac/mop cadence is. It does both in one (no pre-vac to get hair and dirt that get in the way of mopping).

You can also pick up big liquid spills like if someone drops a pot of soup. Haven’t had these but we’re ready. We did successfully use it on an area rug (though it’s a surface clean, not like a carpet steamer).


I used the VIM I bought weeks ago because my bathtubs were looking… not good. I did not scrub so now they look good not great. Doing things is bad for my pain, not doing things is bad for mental health. About 2 loads of washing remain to be done, trying to get the last one put away.

Next unfuckening is buying laundry sorting baskets for the laundry room. I think most of us can sort darks lights and towels. I hope I can get the ones where the dark bin is dark.


Hmmm. It’s not the $300 or the having to clean it. It’s the having to leave it taken apart to dry. I don’t have anywhere to put the pieces. Boo.


We have one (the shark brand one) and we just leave the parts on the counter overnight while they dry and then put it back together. In the summer I just put the parts outside in the sun for an hour until they are dry, then put it back together. FWIW I really like ours.


I made a play by play photo diary of my mopping experience for those interested. @BiblioFeroz @Greyweld maybe


I don’t have a before picture but on Sunday I coached Kiddo through cleaning his floor for half an hour (with breaks here and there when he got off task).

Then today we tackled his desk. This is the best his room has looked in a year, I know he likes it too. We’ll see how well it is maintained.

I don’t think there’s any personally identifying info but if there is let me know.


I’m so impressed! You found homes for all the things on the desk, that’s awesome.

I get super overwhelmed by my kids rooms, so I imagine they do too. It’s a terrible combination for cleaning up together :frowning:


Learning to clean is a big deal. Good job kiddo!


For the floor he started off doing things in groups - making all of the books into piles then putting them on the book shelves. Shoving all the clothes into a pile, then the pile goes into the laundry basket. The stuffed animals were tossed immediately instead of making them a pile first.

For the desk today he wanted to game-ify it so he would roll a dice. Say he rolled a six, then this would happen.

  1. Pick up item.
  2. Open drawer.
  3. Place item in drawer.
  4. Close drawer.
  5. Pick up pencil.
  6. Put pencil in cup that lives on top of the desk.

Did it drive me nuts? Absolutely. But it kept him moving.


Lmaoooo you’re a good mom :heart:


OMG suddenly not sure if mom? So sorry if I misgendered. You are a good parent!!


Am mom, you’re good. :grin: And also parent.


Untucked my fridge pretty dramatically and only had to toss like 2 things!



That is a very satisfying before and after!

Well done!!