The Unf*ck It Thread

A true sight to behold :heart_eyes:

This shower had hard water stains that were etched in and it Bothered Me.

So now we have leafys instead. We will see how long it lasts before getting gross (PVC clings)

ETA they also kind of look like circuit boards :sweat_smile: :nerd_face:


The linen closet was kind of ruining my life. I still think it needs an extra shelf but this is sooo much better. The Boy just sort of slapped on some extra boards to make the shelves bigger.

Darn it, I was sure I had before pics but now I can’t find them!


You did! I remember them.


No before but imagine a blank wall and just piles of stuff on the shelf.

After (put up shelves and felt tiles):

I also ordered a 6 pack of fabric bins for the cubes, may do another one. I def need some open shelves but also want to hide some mess :sweat_smile:


Those are cool shelves!


Thanks! HomeGoods/TJM have some fun finds!




Invisible unf*ckening:

  • threw out (staged for drop-off at pharmacy) a bunch of expired meds
  • organized meds/first aid
  • organized bath overflow that lives in this closet (extra soap, razors, scrubbies, etc)
  • unpacked (unearthed!) mending basket and sewing kit
  • emptied out 3 small thredup boxes and one larger box (that were living in the closet)
  • filled up an 8gal trash can

Looking at your post right after reorganizing my “linen closet”, how wide is the closet? I wonder if some of those wire shelves would help/be easier than installing a new shelf? Protip, if you add zip ties, it adds sturdiness, and you can add extra shelves.


Can you tell me about the wire shelves in your closet? I am looking for something exactly like that to store my blankets!

The little stackable ones?

I’ve had them since I was a kid/teenager, they were probably bought at Target or similar. But Amazon is chock full of things like this:

C&AHOME Wire Cube Storage, 6 - Cube Organizer Metal C Grids, Modular Shelves Units, Storage Bins Shelving, Closet Organizer, Ideal for Home, Office, Living Room, 36.6”L x 12.4”W x 36.6”H Black

They seem to come in sizes between 11 and 14 inches. Search for “ wire cube shelves”. They’re a bit flimsy but endlessly configurable!

There are also plastic versions but I bet they don’t last nearly as long.


I meant the cube ones like MM and I are discussing. The stackable ones are usually quite small and short, this would give you more room. If it’s at least 24? 25? inches wide and you get smaller size cubes, you can put 2 cubes wide/1 cube tall and then stack things on top. Gives you some extra walls so stacks of linens don’t fall over and you can add an extra shelf with zipties if you aren’t making all 6 cubes, to organize smaller things like washcloths so stacks don’t get too tall.

If it’s less than 24 wide/tall that probably won’t be worthwhile since you’d be limited to one cube.

Another idea is to misuse a shoe rack, which also tend to be cheap and available in a range of sizes… and stackable.

Anyway, now I’m really spitballing. I was just looking at your XXL shelf thinking, how would I use more of that space?


Those are good ideas! I will investigate, thanks for the suggestions.I will measure.


Very proud of Kiddo. Today we mercilessly made him clean his room, then I went through all his books and pulled 90% of them onto the floor. He did an awesome rapid fire “keep/give” and the majority (in red) are going away.


Attempting Un- :duck:-ing, but my supervisor disapproves:


We’re gonna unduck and declutter today. I told the kids “We’re tidying the house because a tidy house feels nice” and Pumpkin’s response was “a dirty house is nice!”


My kids are so sad when their rooms are messy and they lose things they like, but also they hate cleaning, even a quick 5-minute tidy, so…I guess they’re gonna keep looking for their MP3 players forever.