The Unf*ck It Thread

We may already have something like this, so I can delete if redundant (I did check, I promise!)

Even without a global pandemic trapping us in our homes 24/7, life can get pretty messy in the literal sense. Dishes build up. Dust bunnies procreate. Wayward items begin colonizing all available surfaces. Legos lie in wait for their next victims.

You see where I am going here.

This is the Unf**ck it thread, inspired by the Unf*ck Your Habitat tumblr.

This thread is not for your Pinterest perfect house. It is not for the terrifyingly efficient home maker. It is for those of us who look up from the chaos of our lives, bleary eyed, and find that we are surrounded by filth and fuckery.

Examples of what goes here:

  • How do I even clean _______?
  • Pictures of places that are f*cked
  • Subsequently, pictures of places that are unf*cked
  • Tiny commitments, “I will put away 5 objects today”
  • Large celebrations because YOU DID THE THING
  • Unbridled and vehement support

Bonus for the brave:

  • Caption this
  • Creative swearing

oh heck yeah. i have some f*cked pictures to share for public shaming.


The unfuckening proceeds:


If by public shaming you mean gleeful commiseration, I am your gal <3


I think my pantry belongs here much more than in the “share your pantry” thread.

Also, like, everywhere in my house belongs here. Except maybe the bathroom? No, there are random toilet rolls in the bathroom waiting to be brought to the recycling.



Here for inspiration, and @mirepoix 's refurbishments of free finds.

I think the unf*cking I need to do mostly comes down to:

  • catching up on tasks/chores, eg digitizing stored papers
  • decluttering, getting rid of old, broken, defunct things (ripped shirts, electronics, etc) responsibly
  • coercing spouse to declutter and organize (Lord help me…)

Following for inspo. I really need to unduck (here for the un :duck: thread, ty autocorrect) my catch-all table aka dining table. With Raccoon Hands the Toddler, everything ends up in a big pile right in the middle. There’s no innate mechanism in my life to make that pile go away, so it stays there until someone is coming over which in a pandemic is like, once a month when my ILs come over and I panic clean :grimacing:

My biggest issues are the “waiting period” items. Receipts that I may need for a return, packaging I may need for a return, a bill that needs filed, Buy Nothing freebies that need washed/glued/cleaned whatever and stored or used. And right now there is bonus “random Christmas shit” in the pile too.

Eta awww it took my duck emoji away. Boo.


Put a space un :duck:


You un :duck:d my post! We’re off to a good start already.


Goals for weekend: wash this window because I look at it every day and it’s nasty and ruins my mood.


My goal, drag the mattress topper further onto the bed.


This is a beautiful thread. Im still figuring out what the f*ck we are doing in this house so a lot of things are all over.


I need to clean some ceramic coated cast iron grill grates. I tried a wire brush, then a wire wheel attachment on my drill, and then powdered brewery wash. My next thought is a hot caustic bath, but I may just need to invest in a little patience.

ETA: my real desire at this point is to use a sandblaster, but I don’t want to buy one until i’m not moving for a while.


Oven cleaner? Ceramic should stand up to acid. Rinse very well and refinish any iron poking through…?


Oven cleaner is a great idea! Plus I have some of that somewhere already :smiley:


I can’t even look at the bookshelf. So I did this instead. Unfucked for the day. Time to go back to being a slob.


I looked at the bookshelf after all, while waiting for another meeting. It was productive.

  • The noise machine was rehomed
  • I put away 5 books I got from buy nothing
  • I threw away some shit
  • I put the blue light glasses in their own fancy holder nearer to the couch
  • I rehomed 5 tea lights

It looks the same, of course :wink:


I am in the process of downsizing and merging our stuff with another household . The other 4 adults in this house are … messy. They all agreed that I had the power to unduck the house but it’s quite the entertaining process, especially since it’s about -500 degrees which discourages me from hauling stuff in or out of the garage.

Also, all the shelves I need are still in Ohio.


Ermegahd dis baby. Every time I open this thread the cuteness overwhelms me.