Challenge: Get it Done December ✅

Continuing the tradition of the past 2 years, we have an end of the year challenge.

Get it Done December and will run from December 1 to December 31.

The goal for Get it Done December is to clear out those lingering tasks that you thought you would get done in 2021. You must declare them and try to get them done before the end of the year.

You can also choose to “extinguish” the task and guilt-free ditch any resolutions or goals that simply couldn’t or didn’t happen this year. Let them go!

Examples of Get it Done December tasks:

  • Call up a friend that you haven’t checked in with much this year
  • Cancel recurring subscriptions that you don’t use
  • Finish your 2021 Bingo Goals
  • Finally get a “hit by a bus” folder together (find a checklist in A Cat’s Guide to Money )
  • Calling up your phone or cable company and negotiating a new rate
  • Finally set up an IRA and autodeposit
  • Call your credit card company and move to a no-fee card
  • Organize and categorize your stash of yarn or fabric before you rebuy things you don’t need
  • Eat down your pantry
  • Listing or donating clothes or electronics you’re ready to pass on
  • Set up or clear out monthly donations, or maybe even join the OMD Purrsonal Finance Society (cheeky plug there)
  • Be creative!

It will have a special forum badge and even a STICKER for people that complete the whole month, that will be cat themed.

Basic rules:

  1. You must establish your own rules about what you are trying to accomplish as your Dumpster Fire December task(s) this month. State them in the first week of the month to get us kicked off.
  2. Each weekend (starting December 4th) YOUR Local Time, you will report how you did on your challenge for the week on this thread . You can report on where you’re at, and what your biggest challenge and victories of the week were.

Who This Challenge is For

  • Anyone who wants a little public accountability and discussion about their goals on a weekly basis.

What do you get out of participating?

  • Deep Satisfaction of working on those tasks that hang over your head and not bringing them into a new year
  • A community to support you as you get sh*t done
  • A CUTE forum badge for participating in the weekly check-ins
  • And if you do all 4 week check-ins, you get a STICKER mailed to you. I have only printed these for this challenge.

If you’re in to participate (or on the fence and need encouragement), comment below with your tasks for Get it Done December below


at minimum

  • knit thumbs for my mittens

I am in, I will post a proper list of what I want to get done tomorrow!


Im in, will look at my bingo cars and see what I might be able to do from there


Finish organizing the ‘Guinea Pigs Room’ and move the desk in there which I’ve been trying to get to since… Last February sometime?


Given my pre-move to-do list I feel like I need to join this and figure out what reasonably can be done in December.

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Joining. I need to sort out what I’m doing in 2022 (ack!) and prep myself for that.


  • Update resume
  • Update LinkedIn
  • Investigate volunteer opportunities at local school and library
  • Make website for interior design
  • Get Enbrel copay card

Ooh, this is good timing as the Boy and I are supposed to make wills. I will need to figure out what progress would look like, etc., as the attorney is NOT promising to actually finish it by the end of the year and of course we will be limited by her progress. But I know we need to find time this week to talk it through.

I’ve been putting this off because we don’t know if we have children together or not… but I have been divorced for FIVE YEARS and remarried for three and there is really no excuse for having my only active will be the one I did when I was still married to my ex!



Feel like I have several tasks that have ominously loomed over me for a while, mainly the house projects…

-pull up corner of kitchen floor and level correctly this time
-touch up backsplash grout
-laundry room—>kitchen floor transition install
-sell/curb furniture items I don’t need in shed
-cancel platinum card before I start getting charged the fee now
-email back wedding planner about florists
-schedule meet ups while in town with photographer/DJ/venue/baker
-book flights for friend’s bachelorette party

Likely once I get momentum going, I will able to finish more house tasks but I’m not listing them to hopefully avoid overwhelm and then not doing any of them. Only need to expect myself to do the listed items.


In, will post later today (if I don’t fall asleep immediately after work) or tomorrow with what I’m trying to get done.

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I have to set up 529 accounts for our nieces!


Oh gosh I really want to get completely unpacked, but so much to do. Will make a list when I can summon the mental energy to do so

:black_small_square:Clean off kitchen table
:black_small_square:Boxes out of bedroom
:black_small_square:Deal with storage bags
:black_small_square:Divide give away into youth shelter and goodwill
:black_small_square:Take stuff to youth shelter
:black_small_square:Take stuff to goodwill
:black_small_square:Box out of 2nd bathroom
:black_small_square:Clean off desk
:black_small_square:Deal with stuff under bar
:black_small_square:Hang framed art
:black_small_square:Measure and inventory unframed art
:black_small_square:Get shoe rack
:black_small_square:Big blanket to laundromat
:black_small_square:Get bookshelf or temporary solution
:black_small_square:Deal with books
:black_small_square:Deal with pile of stuff by bookshelf
:black_small_square:Deal with pile of stuff by front door
:black_small_square:Deal with pile of stuff in chair
:black_small_square:Vacuum chair
:black_small_square:Rotate mattress
:black_small_square:Couch cover to laundromat
:black_small_square:School books to office
:black_small_square:Deal with winter accessories
:black_small_square:Write final paper
:black_small_square:Make appt with advisor
:black_small_square:Email thesis professor
:black_small_square:Clean dishwasher
:black_small_square:Clean garbage disposal
:black_small_square:Clean washer

Oh god it just keeps getting longer 🤦🏻


A Story:

:fire::exclamation: :slightly_frowning_face:


Not loving the implications of this story, whether literal or metaphorical.


I don’t like the story but appreciate you have come around to emojis.


Okay my tasks

  • quit day job
  • enroll in 2022 health insurance
  • lay out 2022 planner

New Job

  • Pass midpoint exam with >85%
  • Schedule exam


  • deal with OMD podcast contract and tech issues for 2022
  • push subscribers to email list so I hit 1000 before 12/25
  • plan out Q1 + Q2 editorial calendar for OMD
  • publish one video
  • publish end of year blog posts

Thinking about it more, I am going to avoid “do major moving related things” on this thread. I mean, I’m not going to avoid DOING them, or at least making progress toward them. But I feel like tracking other little annoying tasks here:

  • take hard drive out of old nonworking mac and take it in for recycling.
  • make overdue dentist appointment
  • cancel gym membership that I never use
  • OMG deal with changing over my cell phone service and get a new phone, WHY is this not done?!?
  • research how to salvage expiring AA miles as we likely will not travel by plane before June when they expire.
  • ETA: deal with all the herbs from the garden that I dried. “Deal with” can include “compost” or “give away” as I have more than 2 people can reasonably eat.

Sigh. I posted this in the wrong area. Attempt 2.

Safe play area for baby achieved!

Next up is finishing gazebo curtains.


Ok this is going to be a fun one. I’m emergency searching for a new job to start immediately in 2022 so I can leave current job. I am GOING to get this sticker.

  • Every single paper/notebook from college years has to be scanned or just thrown away if useless.
  • I am not letting a single perishable food item in my fridge go to waste. I have so much gluten free flour on hand I will be surviving off home made pastries (could be fun)
  • I am going to earn at least $250 dollars on bike deliveries. This is the remaining amount before I hit the $600 taxable limit for 2021 for delivery contractors
  • I am going to sell as many useless to me items as I possibly can and moving into 2022 I’m becoming a minimalist.
  • Spending freeze. There’s nothing I have to buy between now and 2022 besides small gifts for Christmas and maybe food or bus pass (I can eat my pantry and ride my bike)
  • Cancel every subscription

Hdu steal my real-life experiences as fodder for your emoji story! :laughing: :sob:

Goals for December:

  • Read 11 books (7 that I owned before 2021)
  • Get to decrease half of pink afghan
  • Send out holiday cards
  • Leave work team in an okay space before I take two weeks of vacation
  • Buy!plane!tickets!jesu!cristo!
  • Listen to favorite holiday music (madrigals here we cooooome)
  • Keep up running/stretching

I… maybe don’t got this? We’ll see :sob: :sob: :sob: