2021 BINGO - A choose-your-own-goals challenge

2021 BINGO Will run through all of 2021.

The theme of 2021 BINGO is to fill out a bingo card filled with goals you write yourself.

When a row, column, or diagonal is completed, “shout” (type expressively) BINGO, and if you want, claim a prize by @-ing the person providing it. Available prizes in the linked post below.

Cheerleaders are also welcome to post fun GIFs when people hit bingo (just please put anything flashy behind a spoiler tag please).

Making Your Card

Keep in mind a standard bingo card:

Which typically has 25 spaces, with one of those being a free space.

Create a BINGO card with up to 24 goals. Or 25, because some people like to live life on the edge without a free space, or like square numbers… You do you. I’m not the boss of you.

You can do this in whatever way best suits you! On a sheet of paper with stickers for completed tasks, in your bullet journal, in a spreadsheet (which is then easily copied and pasted to the forums, and can be “stamped” with emojis for accomplished goals), in a digital image where you draw something fun over a completed space, whatever you prefer!

Some options to think about for your card:

  • If you have less than 24 goals, you can have the extras as extra free spaces, duplicates of tasks, or blanks to be filled in later. Please try not to put more than one free space in a row, column or diagonal unless necessary.
  • There are tools online where you can fill in a bingo card and have it randomize for you. I’ve been looking at this one, which allows you to randomize just column-by-column if you want. So you can have a column be a category of goals.



  • One card per person.
  • You may claim a prize for each BINGO.
  • However, please refrain from claiming second, third, etc. limited-quantity prize until December starts, to make sure everyone gets a good chance at those “limited edition” items :slight_smile: You may delay your BINGO prize claims until you are allowed to claim more of the limited prizes.
  • Goals must be completed after January 1st 2021, before January 1st 2022, and after you set the goal, in order to qualify for a “BINGO”.
  • You can change your goals as much as you want before 2021 starts.
  • You may replace any number goals that haven’t yet been completed with other goals ONCE.
  • If something happens outside of your control that makes it impossible to complete a goal, change it. No hard feelings. Just don’t run a marathon with a broken foot because of this challenge, okay? This was like… real important in 2020. We gave everyone the option of a full do-over.
  • You can join at any time during the year.
  • When you have finished a row/column/diagonal and want to share your victory, make a post that clearly says “BINGO” in the text. Check the prizes post and @ diapasoun and the provider to claim your prize.
  • Constructive discussion about how to accomplish goals is welcome, but please respect it if someone says a goal is not up for critique on its difficulty or usefulness. Keep in mind the shame-free zone.

Goal-Making Guidelines

  • The only hard rule for what your goals should be is that it shouldn’t hurt others. Do as you will if it harm none.
  • Goals don’t all have to be huge. Be kind to yourself. Have fun. Put “pick my nose” and “pet the cat” in there with “birth a baby” and “buy a house” if you want.
  • Consider that some goals like “don’t do x all year” or “do x every week for the whole year” can’t be officially finished until the end of the year. These aren’t prohibited, just keep in mind it could make getting BINGO before Dec. 31st harder.

oh no it’s already time for this!?


It doesn’t have to be if you don’t want it to be :stuck_out_tongue: you’re da boss.

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Also I hope it’s okay that I’m persistently just like “ah yes I take it upon myself to make challenges on Lily’s forum” like I own the place or something.


I am unfortunately not the boss of the calendar and I am personally offended it is already almost 2021.

OMD is in for another lil bingo prize package (stickers, book, and probably some non-alcoholic purrbon)


No it is fabulous, it’s not my forum, it’s our forum!


I’m not going as deep into the prize organization this year because not a lot of people requested prizes and some of us (ahem YEAH GREYWELD) still owe like 2 people prizes, but I can put up there that the first X bingo winners that request it can get an OMD official prize.


I’m in again! Let’s see if 2020 taught me anything about setting realistic goals, haha.


Yesss I’m in, I already have my bingo card half filled out. :3

I’m also happy to offer the same prizes again this year if you’re want extras (crocheted bookmark, up to 5 available, and a handmade 16 page recipe zine, up to 1 available, happy to ship internationally for both), but recognize that prize organization is a pain in the ass.


Yes, I am in, I want to consolidate my 2020 bingo card and see if I cant scratch in a bingo before the end of the year, then see what I want to carry over or start fresh. Bingo card pending…


I will see if I have enough ideas to fill a bingo card. :smiley:


Is there any chance anyone wants to be assistant prize czar? Because I can usually do it but once in a while fall into a depression and can do literally nothing and everything goes to heck.

Anyone willing to manage a post linked from the first post detailing currently offered prizes and person to ping if people want each?


Yep, can do.

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You’re a boss, thank you x10000

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Hello all, this is the official prize tracking post.

If you want to offer a prize, PM or @ diapasoun in this thread. Please give a brief description of the prize, how many you’d like to offer, and whether you’d be willing to ship internationally for physical prizes.

If you want to claim a prize, please post in here and @ both diapasoun and the person you’d like to claim the prize from. Claimed prizes will be struck and moved to the bottom of the list.


Prize Human Quantity International? Description
OMD Prize Pack OMD/anomalily 1 Stickers, book, and possibly some Purrbon tea
Tarot reading Greyweld 1 N/A Tarot reading, text sent by PM
Recipe zine diapasoun 1 Yes 16 page handmade recipe zine
Crochet bookmark diapasoun 5 Yes Crocheted thread bookmark
Amateur pet portrait Cannibalsox 1 Yes Can provide examples upon request
Temari kenner 1 Small embroidered ball
Short poem in iambic pentameter ClareDragonfly 1 Yes
Set of handwarmers and booties/knit slippers Daffodil 1 Winner’s choice from of colors from Daffodil’s yarn stash

My hoomz it brings me so much pleasure to organize rewards for people doing cool shit.


Plz put “1” for tarot reading. I’ll re-up if I’m up to it after the first one.


I also thiiiink @anomalily was only gonna provide 1 prize pack?

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I’ve put in 1 for now. :slight_smile: The conservative option definitely seems best!

@diapasoun I can offer one (might turn into more but we’ll start with one!) amateur pet portrait (i.e., some art of your pet, or a pet of your choice, by me, not a professional artist). Since it’s flat, and they’ll be fairly small, international shipping should be fine. I can provide a couple examples on request!