Antisemitism Education Thread

This is a place to post resources for people interested in learning more about antisemitism and how to recognize and combat it in all forms.

Antisemitism is a single word (not hyphenated - despite what spell check might be trying to tell you). The word “antisemitism” will be used here specifically to refer to oppression against Jews. For more information about this term, see p. 9 of this pamphlet:

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: making resistance to antisemitism part of all of our movements by April Rosenblum
This pamphlet does a really good job of tracing the history of anti-Jewish oppression throughout history, explaining how it shows up on the right and the left politically, and how to do things like criticize Israeli policies you don’t agree with without depending on or uplifting antisemitic tropes. The pamphlet was written to an audience of leftist activists, but I think it’s one of the most comprehensive things and I think it’s valuable regardless of whether or not you identify with that group.

Some questions you might have that this pamphlet addresses:

  • How can Jews be oppressed when they seem to have a lot of money and influence and power?
  • What if I think the Israeli gov’t is oppressive? How can I innoculate my pro-Palestine work against antisemitism?
  • What exactly are Jews anyway?
  • “But Arabs are Semites!”

Some IG Accounts you might find useful:

Here’s a list of books with appropriate ages:[189]=189&keys=anti-semitism&page=2. And here’s an article about teaching your kids about it and skills to help prevent them falling into the trap of white supremacist thought:

This 15 min video gives a decent overview of the history of antisemitism leading up to the Holocaust and since, although it’s nearly entirely focused on the experience of Jews particularly in Germany and Eastern Europe rather, although antisemitism is a worldwide phenomenon and the Holocaust stretched into the Middle East and North Africa as well.

Important Notes

  • Jews exist around the world from many different races and are an ethno-religious group. In the U.S., many Jews have assimilated and benefit from white privilege, so often conversations about Jews assume that we are all white, but this is really harmful. For example, Black and Jewish are not mutually exclusive terms as there are many Black Jews.
  • Even Jews who do benefit from white privilege are still targets of white supremacy, which has antisemitism as one of its core foundations. Please include antisemitism and be mindful of impact on Jews when talking about white supremacy.
  • Please don’t compare things to the Holocaust or other painful Jewish history. See @BenFreeman for more
  • Please spoiler things that you’re not sure if they’re antisemitic or want to know more about why they are. Remember that it might be a learning exercise for you, but you’re often discussing threats of violence and/or glorification of past violence and/or actual violence toward people based on belonging to an identity group, so those of us that belong to that identity group might not always want to see it.