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look at thred up or the real real. i got a super cute kate spade tote for $30 including shipping just a couple weeks ago. it’s white leather and has scallops along the top and it’s bright blue inside and i love it so much! i think it was close to $300 new!


If you’re going to hold a laptop AND lunch I recommend a backpack to save yourself some shoulder pain down the line. They might not have an option big enough at your price point but I LOVE my TUMI backpack. It became my purse in 2021 and I haven’t looked back. It looks brand new, too, despite traveling to multiple countries with me.


good point! i have this one and love it too. it’s very durable and looks good!


Ok thought I’d try here.

These are my favorite boots. They are men’s Keen Denver ankle boots in black leather – not shoe height, but ankle height.
I’ve had an alert set for them on thrift shopping sites like Poshmark and eBay for over a year and have not found another pair in any size, let alone my size (40 or 39.5).

I like everything about them: I like the height, I like the material, I like the wide barefoot type sole, I like the rounded wide toe, I like the durability, everything…
I am so bummed that I haven’t found anything that really looks similar nor has a used pair come across any of those sites.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a low ankle boot that is extremely similar?


Vaguely similar
Camper Peu boots

Similar sole stylings
Similar barefoot-ish feeling
Have been out forever in both men’s and women’s sizes so probably easier to find resale

Probably much more delicate than your Keene’s


This is the closest I could find but I will keep looking 4 u. It is the worst when our trustiest friends are no more. The tie on this one will be more annoying but it looks like the right shape?

ETA: These from the same place maybe too

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Or these from the women’s section perhaps? NO idea about “handsfree” shoes but maybe worth a look

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Also look up the keen mosey chukkas

Maybe some of the vivo Gobi models

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I don’t have a suggestion but I had a pair of thinner one piece leather boots that finally fell apart. As in the soles fell off the front. I’m sad and am following the suggestions!

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Also my shoe friends mentioned; “the model your friend has is Keen 13004-BLCK so maybe will be easier to find by that name, there seems to be a few cavailable on the internet, but I don’t understand american sizing so idk if they’re suitable”

And “ Check eBay and Poshmark: those will turn up regularly. None of the alternatives mentioned are exactly like those, they have both an unusually wide toe box and very durable soles that you won’t get with barefoot anything”

So it’s not in your head, they’re uniquely wide!


Thank you!!


Thanks for trying everyone! I’ll keep looking!

They’re super comfortable, fit like barefoot shoes, but are durable as heck. Strong enough to hike, but with a little oil rub and tidy up they can look a little gothy, which is also fun.
Anyways, I love my boots :crazy_face:


I dunno if this ship has sailed, but a similar bike at a great price is the REI co-op 1.2.

This bike and the two you’re looking at all are considered cargo bikes, with lots of racks and fasteners capacity and extra sturdy frames. They’re usually designed to do great at carrying a child too. They will all weigh over 50 pounds.

Another category of ebikes is lighter weight frames, no integrated racks, sometimes smaller wheels. You can definitely safely carry your backpack, gym bag, or even camping gear or a small child. Reddit gave me this list (spectrum of prices & durability):

Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4 - $3,000 - 35 lbs
Trek FX+2 - $2,500 - 40 lbs
Cannondale Treadwell Neo - $2,000 - 33 lbs
Ride1Up Gravel Roadster - $1,300 - 33 lbs
Propella Mini - $850 - 33 lbs
Jackrabbit - $1,000 - 24 lbs

A friend has the Specialized and loves it. I’ve tooled around on the Cannondale and it’s really nice.

There’s also LeMond’s carbon fiber ebikes that weigh a little over 20 lbs, can barely carry cargo, and cost $5,000. Ha!


LeMond bikes are so pretty and nice.


Is Land’s End still the best place to get a full coverage bathing suit? (Rash guard and shorts.) I have seen some rash guards at Costco but I didn’t like the colors.


My Lands End rash guard from like ten years ago is still going strong. I got some shorts (with pockets! angel chorus) to go with them and I love them.

Edit: the shorts I got like two years ago I think?


Yep! I’m also eyeing this collab between summersalt and ll bean:

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Do you have a Marshall’s or Kohl’s nearby? No guarantees of anything specific, but I like being able to try on 20 different brands and cuts there.

I also like REI or Title Nine for swimwear cuz almost everything stays put.