Vidja Games - They'll Rot Yer Brain!

Just got Knighthood on mobile and it’s addicting.

The next Steam sale is starting on the 21st. What do you have on your wishlists? Also if there’s any good non-Steam sales going on, please share with the class.

My wishlist is World of Goo, Last of Us Part I, a bunch of Planet Zoo expansions, Cozy Grove, a couple Lego games, Wandering Village, Surviving Mars, and Tropico 6. Some of these have gone on sale before but they weren’t cheap enough for me to bother getting.

I just finished playing through Little Inferno which is a cute game but also you can binge it in a day. I also found Scribblenauts Unlimited which Kiddo is playing through, it’s a cute fun game.


I recently bought a bunch of games so chances are I am good on the Steam sale. Will I still look? Definitely!

Second a rec for Wandering Village (++ soothing music, but the poison mechanic can be a little stressful).