Vidja Games - They'll Rot Yer Brain!

So many games, so little time. What are you all playing right now? Screenshots encouraged.

Also, since the Steam Sale is on right now, also highly encourage you to post the games you’re snagging now to hoard for later playing.


I’ve been on a Star Trek and Star Wars kick lately. To satisfy my need for new worlds, I just bought Stellaris. So far, I really enjoy it!


Rimworld! Mr. Meer said it hardly ever goes on sale and it’s slightly on sale. It’s kinda like Sims except you start with three people that crashland on a planet and they only have a few supplies. Warning, there is a tutorial but I still find myself asking the internet to explain things a lot. Like I researched a type of bow and after the research was complete there was nothing indicating how I’d actually make one.

On the upside I have ducks and pigs and I just got an elephant. I’ll post a screen shot later when I’m on that computer.

Other games I play - Breath of the Wild (all the korok seeds), Don’t Starve, Banished (if you like Banished you’ll probably like Rimworld and just set it to “peaceful” when you’re making a new game).

Oh and I also got the House Flipper - Gardening DLC on sale too. Cause taking care of a virtual house is much more fun than taking care of my actual house.


I cannot tell you how much Partner loves Oxygen Not Included. It is beyond words how much she loves it. Therefore I will rec it.


I installed RimWorld and the UI was so confusing. Too many branching menus. Should I push through?

I’ve been playing Disco Elysium. It’s incredibly well written, the dialogue is spectacular. It’s fairly thinky and I’m often too tired, but I love it when I’m alert and have time to deep dive.

Mini Metro is a quick, calming game where you design a metro system for various cities around the globe. It’s satisfying. The visuals are satisfying.

I was playing Spiritfarer but it didn’t grab me. I might go back to it later.

Of course I have Stardew and Sims for when I’m tired and want to zone out in front of a game.

I have Dorfromantik in my Steam shopping cart right now. It looks like a video game version of Carcassonne. I’m probably going to get it, but I’ll agonize pointlessly for a bit first.


I have a dragon hoard of media to watch and games to play and books to read. I don’t have enough time left on this planet to finish it all, but I keep collecting.

At least this type of hoarding doesn’t fill my house with dusty boxes?


IMO the best part of Spiritfarer is the music!

Really looking forward to this one’s release:

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Depends on how annoying you find it to tab out to ask the internet how to do a thing. That’s been quicker for finding answers for me than just clicking around to find stuff within the game. That also applies for stuff I remember was mentioned in the tutorial but hadn’t used for hours since then and forgot about. I only downloaded the game Sunday, fwiw.

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That’s on my wishlist.

I bought Dorfromantik. I blame all of you.

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A friend recommended this to me, knowing my love of soothing pretty games. I haven’t gotten it yet but it’s on my list.

Haha! Just posted that one as my possible next buy!!

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I enjoyed it a lot BUT there’s a lot of sentimental stuff. That does wear a bit after a while…


I mostly play simulation style games - Sims4, Planet Zoo (very soothing soundtrack!), and Jurassic Park Evolution 1 or 2. If you love watching just animated dinos do stuff definitely recommend Evolution! It reminds me of my Dino Park Tycoon days.

I am looking forward to “I Was A Teenager Exocolonist” which comes out in August. One of the writers is a webcomic artist/writer of my favorite webcomics (How Baby, Motherlover).

I’ve been meaning to play Coffee Talk and the visual novel Butterfly Soup for awhile now but waiting for the right mood.


This is so freaking cool!

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I was unaware of this but am now looking forward to it.


This is exactly my type of game.


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I love her too! She’s so good!

I am just playing Stardew Valley on Switch, my first gaming in a few years. I have also been playing “Secret Cat Forest” on my phone over that time which is a very simple quiet phone game where I entice kitties to visit me. Duckling loves checking on the kitties.


I’m in search of Switch recs! especially if you have any Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley alts - I’m a wee tired of both, could use some more gay, more space, or both.

send me your fav sci fi recs too :nerd_face:


I found Cozy Grove to be similar to those games, loved the music and the vibes. Especially when you play at night and all the lanterns turn on.


Rimworld. There’s elephants in my house! Why, elephants? I don’t think it’d be that comfortable for you inside. (There’s a setting to keep them out, I just didn’t bother for a while because I was so amused.)