Vidja Games - They'll Rot Yer Brain!

Are you inviting me? HAHA

I am perusing the steam store rn and am randomly selecting things that seem interesting.

This cool creepy sci fi retro german game:

This family friendly peaceful zoo sim:

This actually kind of problematic survival game:

Pretty soothing world improver:

A cute game about a fox:

A dungeon crawler dating sim?

A calming survival sim:

This gardening witchy story:


Absolutely! If you decide to click that buy button, I’ll PM you server details :slight_smile:

Oh also before you buy, a warning. Dedicated server has been running at like 90%. The recent Mistlands update seems to have upped networking requirements a pinch. So there are occasional bits of lag or the sense you can’t interact with the world. Really rather annoying. Can usually be fixed by logging out of server and back in. Says something that we keep playing anyway, but be warned. Small team made the game, so it’s not a polished AAA game! I have a beefy server and a 300/300 mbps connection all wired, so the issues are about as minimized as they can be. But they still occur for some players from time to time. It is not an issue for playing local solo games.

EDIT: Ohhh! Saw something on Reddit that triggered my brain, realized I was missing something from WIndows Firewall, and was finally able to remove PlayFab cross play (only needed for non-Steam players) from our servers. I think that’ll fix the issues we’ve been seeing :man_dancing:

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Can confirm Planet Zoo can be incredibly chill, probably on account of the soundtrack. The career scenarios can sometimes be a bit stressful but are very engrossing & satisfying to problem solve!


This Land is My Land I think would be up our groups’ alley if it didn’t seem like it was so buggy, and if you could host a shared dedicated server. Seems like it’s single-player inside an open world?


I really liked Wargroove, does anyone know of any other games that can be described as cutesy turn-based tactics, preferably on Switch?


My current list:

  • Children of Morta (fun roguelite, very pretty in a pixel aesthetic)
  • Stardew Valley (sorry Animal Crossing!)
  • Hades (solidly what I play when I don’t feel like playing anything else and have logged the most hours on)

I played among trees for a bit, it’s very calming and they updated to include a little fox friend! I like the music and gathering/crafting. The scenes are beautiful, and watching the light change is fun. There’s not much to it, though. I appreciated they have a safe mode without the bear for me, a baby


FWIW I solved that issue; had removed a hard drive and forgot to update the firewall rule for the server. Having corrected that, I removed crossplay/PlayFab, and now Valheim is running like a champ again! 8 adults and 3 teens playing on the server!

I… may have over 700 hours into that game…


i apologize to all the poor souls i have dragged into my shenanigans


Who is ready for more shenanigans


Oooh that looks good!

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Does Bear and Breakfast have any combat in it?

I’m looking for a new game for our 6.5 year old with only building, no fighting. He plays BotW, Minecraft, Pokemon Sword, and maybe occasionally some Valheim :slight_smile: But he sometimes decides they’re all too scary and works himself up so he doesn’t sleep well.

Maybe we should start with Animal Crossing, but Bear and Breakfast looks sillier and I like it :slight_smile:


Okay that looks ADORABLE

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Butts looks like only computers and Xbox tho??


I’ve only played a few hours of Bear and Breakfast—no fighting, but there are some spooky areas and tbh I didn’t find it easy to play (why I stopped). What about a cute adventure game like A Short Walk? You can build lil campsites and explore!


Good to know. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Oh no!!! :frowning: I thought this was going to be our great video game reunion

Til the next steam sale!!!

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How have you been liking Wandering Village? Steam tells me it’s on sale again.

Ugh i haven’t bought it yet because i am living thru childcare nightmares

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