Vidja Games - They'll Rot Yer Brain!

I LOVE zoo tycoon!!!


My list is tabletop simulator, strange horticulture, and oxygen not included. What am I missing? Bear in mind that I have 100+ games in my library that I have never played, and am a hoarder of digital objects.


Would a 4 yr old be able to play it?

Enjoying strange horticulture


Update - it wasnt real zoo tycoon to my disappointment and didn’t get it. Looks like there is a game called Planet Zoo that has good graphics and looks fun but wont work on my mac.


Hmmm I don’t know. I only had the option when I was in high school :joy:

Just got one of the horticultural endings. It was cool but don’t feel compelled to play the different endings out. Do want to be an actual horticulturist when i have time and space. Im gonna be one rad old lady.

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Mr. Meer says the only “legal” games are the DLCs (looks like there’s 42 of them) but you can also go onto their “workshop” and download stuff people have put on there. But just a heads up that actual games will be additional costs beyond Tabletop Simulator itself.

So for example I’ve played Villainous with friends but I’m sure it’s not a legal Disney-approved version. One of my friends bought that off the workshop and invited the rest of us to play it. I don’t have any DLCs or workshop content yet.

We ended up getting Bowser’s Fury and Luigi’s Mansion 3. The Pokemon game will wait till Kiddo’s birthday just because it wasn’t on sale so I’m not in any rush to get it now.

It occurred to me to see if there’s any typing games on Steam, I see one for $5 in a quick search but it doesn’t have any user reviews. Since that one’s not on sale either I’m not in any rush to decide, maybe I’ll have time/motivation to look again later when I’m less likely to be interrupted.


The new Pokemon game makes some odd gameplay decisions but all of the new characters and Pokemon are adorable, it’s a great relaxing before bedtime game.


Agreed on all counts! :smiley: I’m having a very good time with it.

If you haven’t done it yet, the Normal gym is my favorite experience.

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I like the Ice gym even though I’ve never cared for ice types before! my wife couldn’t remember the ice leader’s name and described him as “whatshisname, the obviously queer he/him”


Are Hassel and Brassius an item??


Ooo idk! I agree that if Grusha is a cis and or he/him I’ll eat a sock tho.
I’m still plugging through gyms and plot so will report back :))

Oh. And i exclusively imagine Hassel speaking with Verner Hertzog s voice

I recommend it.


i died

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