Tiny Victories


Yesterday H got out of work ON TIME (what is this?!) and we went for a walk as a family that was not only 8k steps but also included ice cream. Winning, winning everywhere.


I have an hour break for lunch and that seems like a really long time to me. So today I walked up and down the 9 flights of stairs in the building. I plan on doing this 2-3 times/day during the last 30 min of my lunch hour and gradually working my way up. I’m really out of shape right now so its yay for fitting in any exercise I can.


Good for you. Coworker and I are planning on walking around the block once the weather is warmer.


Told co-workers I have quit instead of dodging question or lying. Feels good. They made all the right mouth noises and I like them so I hope to bring cake when I go in to collect my things (I’m on leave right now).


Because I needed to top up on a few skincare products (thanks, late 30s!) I investigated dupes of my pricier favourites and am currently trying out a new serum that cost £2.99 but has come out in tests as being as good as or better than my usual ones. And I paid on the card that rounds up my spending to the neared £ and puts the change in my savings. It’ also means it’s easier on my mental arithmetic!


Made it through a very full weekend, and set up our lunch components for the week - cooked protein, chopped veg. Need to put on rice during breakfast tomorrow to be our carb component since we’re out of bread products.


Made a local designer friend because I reached out to her on Instagram and now we’re discussing fabric sourcing and I’m visiting her shop tomorrow. Yay for not being a complete hermit & for making friends in my profession!


After a long weekend of work and anticipating a busy Monday, I resisted my desire and mr. krmit’s offer for takeout and cooked up a big batch of rice and bean bowls. Used up some odds and ends, and hopefully avoiding spending $$ on airport meals tomorrow!


I walked to work, even though I was a tired grumpy child about the whole thing.


I grumbled from 5:00am to 5:30am about having to be up so early and catch a bus at 5:35am when I’d rather sit in my quiet living room with the cat and sip coffee and wake up slowly. Then I realized the roads are in decent shape so I sat and sipped coffee and rode my bike to work!


Lol, love this description!


I had unusual hunger pangs this morning, and feared today’s fast might be hard to stick with. But the weird hunger went away, and it’s been fine so far.


I networked and was only my normal level of awkward!


I wrote a guest lecture on a thing I have never fully read at the last minute! Including super, super simple worked examples! (Also was up until 11:30pm and am so very tired this morning).


Yesterday my toddler dropped sultanas all over the floor, and I didn’t pick them up (spasming back - anything on the floor is lost to me forever).

Today, he’s picking them up and eating them one by one. No need to clean up!


Is biking faster than busing, or just more enjoyable?


It’s faster than busing by 20-40 minutes depending on the transit lines I take :slight_smile: And much more enjoyable during the seasons where the roads are wide enough to ride!


It’s comments like these that really contribute to my “go to mpls but no don’t” confusion!


A+ parenting! You also didn’t have to find a new meal when he got hungry today!


Understandable :slight_smile:

Summers here are GLORIOUS

Fall and early winter are fun, after living in the PNW where temperatures went from less cloudy to more cloudy.

Late winter (mid January through mid March) is hell. For me anyway; I greatly dislike feeling cold and start to despair when I don’t see daylight (that’s my choice of job’s fault more than my locale).

But there’re way more sunny days here than the west side of Washington state and my brain/soul need that.