Tiny Victories


My taxes are done, and have been for a month, but they are not filed because we owe a thousand(ish) bucks and I don’t want to pay early. Not sure if this is a victory or not, but I’m leaning toward not.


Mr HaH raised the topic of FIRE this morning and how he’s grateful that we’re on the same page, and have given ourselves financial flexibility through our good choices to-date :heart: I married a good one.


I think done is a victory. As is being aware enough to deliberately time the payment.


Ewok is well enough today to be cared for by his Grammy, meaning I will get ~six hours of baby free time. Who’s got two thumbs and plans for a long nap? This guy!


All the taxes victories reminds me- we got our refunds back. Thanks to obscene medical spending, we also got a rather obscene refund, so that was positively delightful.


I got all the doses of medicines into the dog today!

FYI: orange segments are good at hiding pills. I’m finding new pill cloaking matrices as some standbys lose efficacy.


Thought of five or six books I’d like to read in the next month or so. Checked the library website. No holds on any of them, so I should have a stack of free reading material to on my bedside table within days.


Turned an unexpected day at home into a very productive day. Started prepping the ground for Ponder’s olive trees, moved bricks, got loads of clothes washing done and hung out, a load through the dishwasher and the laundry AND bathroom got a wipe down. Somebody else better be making me dinner …


After 5 months of dealing with throat mucus, breathing issues, and coughing, I finally had my doctor’s appointment to address them. They started right when I moved to Cincinnati and I stubbornly refused to schedule any appointments in 2018 because I didn’t like having to start at square 1 for my insurance deductible, so I scheduled everything in 2019. My February appointment got canceled by the provider and I was rescheduled for today. It takes a long time to get a new patient appointment.

Anyways, I’m finally working towards finding the solution! First off, investigating if I have undiagnosed asthma. If that is ruled out, then allergy testing. Progress!


36 hour fast, just about done.


Wrote 4+ pages today. I’m very pleased with what I can do in a communal writing space.


Figured out two small perks I had on my existing accounts and activated them! Save the Change rounds up your spending to the nearest £ and deposits the 80p or whatever in your savings, and there’s a cashback offer system that gives me money back whenever I shop in certain stores/restaurants/coffee shops.


Got up on time and walked to work today. :slight_smile:


Did so much laziness this morning that my phone is at 3% and I’m still in pyjamas


Resolved to leave work on time (I have an unending to-do list and often leave late). Clocked out exactly at 4:30, the end of my shift.


Went for a morning walk + park visit for the third day in a row.


Ate free lunch at my workshop 2 days in a row! Also have 12 pages of typed notes to rearrange.


Because I made pizza last night, I get to eat pizza tonight. This is a victory because PIZZA.


Today I wore my spring jacket and not my winter jumbo coat!!
It will be 49 degrees F when I walk home from work today. :3


Invoiced a client on completion of the work instead of weeks later when whatever bill I’d earmarked it for is due!