Tiny Victories


I have managed to wear my mouth guard (4) nights in a row.
Tiny victories indeed!


I did not go outside today, but am still storing stuff in my bra


10,000 steps, despite 6 hours in an airplane.


Reorganized/cleaned out the attic today + went through mountain of paperwork that was supposed to be done before Bobbin was born. Wooooo!


I got off my butt and walked home from work instead of taking the bus! Which felt really good. :smiley:


I resisted temptation to order something for lunch and just ate the lunch I brought from home instead.


I went to the dentist!


We placed an online order at one of the major supermarkets that was having a 24 hour 50% off frozen items sale. Spent/saved $75. Fully stocked outside freezer with frozen fish, vegetables and frozen meals for those can’t be farked cooking times.


I did not procrastinate going to Trader Joe’s today and got my weekly shop done in a pleasant, not crowded store. Win!


I went to the gym this morning even though I REALLY did not wanna get out of my warm comfy Boyfriend-occupied bed when my alarm went off at 6.


I would classify this as a huge feat rather than a tiny victory. The warm bed gets me nearly every time, good job fighting it!


Make that a WHOLE WEEK in a row.
And, I actually folded and put away my bed this morning.


Hell yeah, Oro!

@ckni27 I’m trying hard to see it as a little victory (so that it feels like a littler thing to get out of warm comfy bed) but damn, yeah, it is not always easy. It’s going to be a lot better in the summer when it’s not so cold!


Have not come down with DS’s virus, and have gotten one load of washing on.


I applied to 2 graduate programs, this week I got accepted into my safe choice and got an interview invite for my top choice! Interview is tomorrow and I hope they get back to me soon bc I have to pay a deposit for the other school on the 25th or I’ll lose my spot.


Holy butts! :smiley: Congratulations! Good luck with your interview tomorrow!


We had ice damage to our gutters -
I filed the insurance claim, including follow-up call
Adjuster has been here
I scheduled person to bid
Bid received and approved

This is nothing to most - but I HATE making phone calls. I had to make phone calls. I made them. In a timely manner. Ta-da.


Taxes are done. A month early. This might be a record.


Well done!

My taxes are not done, which is also a record. But not a good one…


But somehow the universe stays in balance… I’ve been trying to simplify things (closing accounts, etc.). Every year has been different for the last 5 years or so, maybe next year I can do a decent estimate for a Roth conversion! Who am I kidding?