Tiny Victories

My province has made HIV and Aids treatment and prevention meds free. Excellent policy.


With DH’s help, I figured out where to put the middle bed. The back 2 beds aren’t actually centered, so it was a quandry. We found the midpoint between the 2 beds we’d done. I marked that line and I had already put a line down the middle of the middle/end panels. Line up the markers and the lines on the panels and Tadah! It’s centered between the 2 other beds.


Got all the front flowers/herbs in, and I know what I’m picking up for the back next weekend.


After a lot of digging, I finally found the section I’d already written about price comparisons. It isn’t the complete write up I did a year or so ago, but this is better than having to start from 0, again!


The new flower bed is finished.


can’t wait to see!


Honestly I’d rather have the big old trees if they were healthy. But the new ones will grow eventually. Some of the plants are still small since they are perennials from seed. Should look nice in a month or so!


This looks really nice!!!


We were exposed to Covid at my brothers wedding a little over a week ago and I can now comfortably say we made it out unscathed! (Unlike the brides sister and mom- her cousin was patient zero for the event). Especially good news since Luna doesn’t have her Covid vaxx yet- at her 6 month I opted for flu since it was much higher levels here at the time and is generally more dangerous for Bebes, and we’d already had to stab her so many times that apt. COVID shot is planned for her 9 month.

Hallelujah for the power of open air venues though, and sheer dumb luck.


And I ended up with a 2hr meeting on my calendar today (definitely not a TV) with information I need to hear but not contribute to at this point…actual victory is I was able to get over to the nursery over lunch and courtesy of wireless headset was able to listen in on the meeting while I got the last of the plants in.

Also manged to not get stabbed by the new rose.


Went to the local SA and got 2 “steamer” baskets metal strainers basically, which I use to rinse produce off in the garden. WAY cheaper than they are new…

On the way out, I was looking at the “freebie” table and found a Rodale save $ book I didn’t have that looks like it will be interesting to review, if not necessarily to keep. But it was a good find and of course the price can’t be beat!

The steamers are stainless, I got rid of my 2nd aluminum one some time ago… may now get rid of the last one too!

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I found a dime when I was taking my clothes out of the laundromat dryer.


I called and booked the picnic spot for the party we have 30 people attending on Sunday!

(we are mostly sure it’s unnecessary - the spots are first come first serve if not booked. But booking just seems safer for this number)


Finally evicted the spider living in the driver’s side mirror who makes copious webs. Hopefully it was the only one. No more webs on my car, please!


Made a super delicious lunch salad (herb greens, yellow bell pep, shaved carrot, avocado, green onion, sauteed shallot, salmon, croutons, green goddess dressing). My belly is full of vegetables and my taste buds are pleased.


that sounds amazing! i always forget about green goddess dressing but i need to remember!


I do too, and then I make my once-every-three-months pilgrammage to Trader Joe’s and am like oh, oh yes, good.


Webs today :cry:

But to keep this on topic, yesterday I picked up a puzzle mat, and the case is big enough for my camp chair, and even has a carry strap! The case that came with the chair is ripped, this is going to make my life a bit easier. :blush:


Not my victory, but a good one to share. Someone has set up a way to connect Long Covid patients with studies about long covid, because recruitment has been poor. Spread the word if you know anyone it could help-


Free Donut Day at Dunkin