Tiny Victories

We may have found a solution to our expensive bread addiction! We love a local bakery’s sourdough, they sell it in “demiloaves” for about $6-$8 for 1/2 a loaf… Wonderful stuff, insanely expensive.

We kill sourdough starters, have tried multiple times. That may change at some point, but…

We’d resigned ourselves to “French bread” which isn’t anything like sourdough I grew up with and we both prefer (west coast, chewy and sour).

King Arthur sells sour dough flavoring, so we’re trying that. If it works (smells wonderful) we’ll have found a cheaper solution! The victory here is that we’re trying it. This may not work, or may need to be tweaked, but in any case, we’re still trying to find a more frugal way that works for us, to get bread we like.

The other really good sour dough breads around here start at $8 a loaf…

It’s okay, not great. We decided we’d try it when the dough had longer to mature than what we did this time. We were out of bread, and…


After a string of shitty nights thanks to a cough Kiddo has had, I went to sleep just after 8 last night and only had two brief wake ups before waking up at 6am. So much better than the night before when I was awake from 1am till 4ish.


The price we were quoted to replace the sensors in my tires included labor! So, it was about $150 less than we anticipated!



Applying for jobs during all staff meeting


After shopping for a treadmill for weeks I decided to take mine apart one more time and I think I’ve gotten it to a point where I can get a few more months out of it! :mechanical_arm:

Edited to add: behold my redneck WFH set up. :saluting_face::nail_care:t2:

  1. You’re amazing
  2. I love how your home is so thoughtfully decorated and so homey and lovely
  3. I love the idea of being able to close the closet door on the home office at the end of the day.

You’re so sweet! This is probably the least thoughtfully decorated spot in the house so I appreciate that! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And yes. I looooove being able to shut the door on work at the end of the day.


Got photos from trip cut down to a folder of good ones to put in an album for myself, and then cut down from there to a minimal set to post to satisfy relatives.


Put the perfect amount of sriracha in my Phó - yum


History being made:

At age 90, America’s first Black astronaut candidate has finally made it to space. Ed Dwight, the man who six decades ago nearly became America’s first Black astronaut, made his first trip into space at age 90 on Sunday along with five crewmates aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

So cool that he finally got to live his dream, if even for a short time.

ETA: The approximately 10-minute suborbital flight put Dwight in the history books as the oldest person ever to reach space.


Just revisiting this tiny victory to say that, in fact, I got about one more week out of it and now it’s chugging and shaking again.

I think it’s time to say a dignified goodbye :saluting_face:


DH and I nearly succumbed to the idea of going to the ice cream store, but that would run us about $15 and we had to go to the market anyway. We decided to buy more ice cream and DIY instead.

Extra expense? $0 :smiley:


The floss refill loaded correctly. This means I won’t have a tangled mess of floss by the end of the week. Soothe.


I’m making my first batch of iced coffee of 2024. It’s happening! Winter really ended!


Shhhh don’t say that so loud! The snow will hear you!


A book I am interested in, from 1917, is available at Google Books, $0 cost, no storage! I can read/look at it to my heart’s content, if I decide I have to own it, well, I do.


Starbucks is doing some kind of contest thing and you can earn entries by making purchases. But you get one free one to start. So I clicked on my free entry and I won a $5 gift card!


I read the dinner recipe in advance so I am roasting the tomatoes NOW when I have the time before daycare pickup and not later when I have a screaming, hangry toddler :melting_face::grinning:


I put Ravioli in a very cute outfit for Spirit Week at daycare today. Yellow shorts and a fun Chicago Hotdog shirt!


Ty, got husband going on this. He uses Starbucks a ton during work travel. Bathrooms, protein box and coffee, fast, easy to retrieve receipts to bill clients lol.