Tiny Victories

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes sentenced to 18 years in prison for Jan. 6 Capitol attack (msn.com)


We finally got rid of cable! This has been a huge sore point for me in our household.

Internet will also be changed by July 1 so I got a new email address and now have to work on having some communications changed over to it.


My husband wants new shorts, and he’s chosen to go with Birddogs. He wants help from me picking a pattern, and the names… they’re all amazing, lol.


I returned to Costco the bins I purchased a few days ago after one fell apart. I usually postpone returning items until it’s way too late, so I’m super proud of myself!


A hummingbird visited a raspberry plant this morning, and then hovered in front of my face chirping. I got a little wind on my face from her wings


That’s beautiful.


You’re officially a Disney princess.


Follow up from the TC thread - at 2 PM yesterday, me and my auto refresh plugin got face value tickets to the Taylor Swift concert last night. It has been a whirlwind 24 hours!


I made the peanut noodle salad from Budget Bytes and was worried it wouldn’t be enough on its own, but we had some dumplings kicking around the bottom of the freezer. Also the noodle salad is delicious, yay for a new recipe to add to the rotation.



You got any tips for me? I have two floor tickets to Seattle night 2, but I need one more ticket. And of course I want 3 tickets for Seattle night 1.


Also, Daughter and I have agreed that last night was the very best night of all to ever be at. Ice Spice guest appearance!!! Video reveal??? Maroon!!! And Getaway Car with Jack!!! You are one lucky duck, zygote!

Some tips, it's long

I used the Auto Refresh Plus plugin for chrome and set it to stop if it saw the words/phrases join, queue, join queue, [this will stop it if a queue appears], filters, legend [this will stop it if a ticket map appears]. You can also tell it to click the join queue button when it appears, but I don’t really trust it. It’s better to keep an eye on it and click manually when the page changes. It will ding when it sees the keywords, but you need to be near your computer to act fast.

When tickets appear seems to vary so you need to be at it as much as possible the week before your concerts. Lately they’ve been dropping extra the evening before the first show, and then a second batch afternoon of, but the details change every city. There is also a trickle of extra tickets here and there, but it’s really hard to get anything when there’s only a few available because you are also fighting bots. If you do get tickets to appear, select and pay as fast as possible. You have no time to think. If you lose out on some tickets, just keep at it. You can refresh the available tickets by toggling the quantity.

Ultimately, it takes a lot of persistence and even more luck. I managed to get position 280 in a queue for an afternoon drop, and there were a fair number available when I got in. I tried a few different sets of tickets before I was ultimately successful. Others who were also using the autorefresh ended up farther back in the queue because ticketmaster wanted to text them a verification code. That’s happened to me before too, and for some reason this time it didn’t want a text. That was the difference in getting in fast enough. Anecdotally, N1 seems to be easier. I was 360 in the N2 queue simultaneously, and was unsuccessful there.

Overall I feel really grateful to have gotten the tickets (and to have the kind of job where I can autorefresh all day in the background!). It was so special to be able to get to go with my wife and some friends, get some surprises, and Maroon especially was a dream. I still can’t believe it actually happened!


Thank you, I really appreciate you writing up and sharing your tips. And I’m super happy for you that you got to go!


Good luck! Fingers crossed for you!!

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I have no idea what any of this means :joy:


Every night she performs a minimum of 44 songs. It’s a lot. And most of the setlist is the same, as it would need to be for such a huge production with all the sets and tricks and dancers and choreography. But she has built into the show a time each night where she does two songs on her own, one on acoustic guitar and one on the piano, and every night they are two different songs from her extensive catalog and every night the songs are a surprise*. And everyone has their personal favorites, of course, so every night some fans who didn’t get to see “their” song is dying they missed it. And some are ecstatic they got it. But sometimes she has a special guest with her for one of the solo songs, sometimes a cowriter like Aaron Dressner, or last night, she did Getaway Car which is a super duper fan favorite and she had long-time producer and collaborator Jack Antonoff play it with her and that made it more fun because those two are such good friends and Getaway Car is more fun when you can have another vocalist doing the “ooohs” and such. And then she did a song on the piano called Maroon which is another song the fans really love, even though it’s newer from Midnights, it’s definitely one everyone has been dying to hear.

So Ice Spice is ummm, hot? I guess that’s the way to put it. Hot new thing in the rap world and although I’m not much of a rap fan I have to admit I really like her. Her style is very smooth and chill. She raps fast but not loud, almost monotone but like in a chill, vibey way, not boring but also not annoying. So Taylor has a great song from her latest album called Karma and the night before this show we’re talking about, she announced some new mixes and a vault track (that is heartbreaking, all the Swifties are dyyyyyyiiiing, it’s been a lot the last couple of days) and one of the new things is a version of the song Karma with Ice Spice. So the same day as the release is the night of this show and when she does Karma, out comes Ice Spice to do it with her! AND, she released a video for Karma and she actually premiered it at the show, you know, during the concert. So the concertgoers got to see it before the rest of the world and that was just a lot of special stuff for one show.

And our friend @zygote was there for it all! For face-value tickets no less! Amazing!!!

*The surprise songs are a big deal. She doesn’t repeat them so people are keeping track, trying to figure out what might be the surprise songs at their show. There are Tik-Toks and Twitter posts galore, people with big charts, a Spotify playlist of them , articles that get update weekly.


Wow, she keeps her fans on their toes!

Honestly I don’t actually like very much of her music, but Facebook has been suggesting Reels to me and I think she’s an amazing performer and would be so cool to see live (even as a non-fan)!

44 songs is insane. You may have to pay a lot but you get your money’s worth!


Sometimes it’s 45! She has a vault track from Red which she re-recorded for the Taylors Version of Red and she asked Phoebe Bridgers to be on it and it’s super fucking excellent. It’s called Nothing New, I love that song so much (it probably helps that I’m a big fan of Phoebe Bridgers, too) but anyway, Phoebe is the opening act for some of the shows (all far aways ones, boooooo) and each night that Phoebe has been the opening act, she’s come back onstage during Taylor’s set so they could squeeze that song in, too. The shows are over three hours and Taylor doesn’t take any breaks. The longest she’s off the stage is for costume changes and they are actually pretty damn fast. Her stamina is incredible.

Who knows what’s coming next??


Does she perform almost every night? That is so much hard work!

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No, but she does three nights in a row! Honestly, I think the schedule is set up the way it is not to give her a break, although I’m sure she needs it, but because the stage and sets are so big and intricate that it takes time to break them down, move them to the next city, and set them all up again. Most of her tour has her playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in each city. Some cities are only two nights, though. But LA is getting like five shows! They kept adding due to demand and that’s the last city so there was room for it I guess. I don’t have tickets to LA shows but I may have already bought three plane tickets to there in August, just in case… :smiley: