Tiny Victories


I went to Aldi today for groceries! Got some good looking food on sale. :smiley:


I am making myself a big full lunch that is Real™ and also Nice™! Savory coconut rice, green beans, and some quickly sauteed shrimp. I’ll have leftover coconut rice and I’m getting a good helping of a green veg that I love. Both are wonderful when feeling stressed.


Just found out my insurance provides free “fitness credits” that I can redeem at yoga studios around town. Works out to 8 free yoga classes a month!


Oh wow that is a super handy benefit! Those classes aren’t cheap!

I re-strung the D string on my great grandmother’s guitar. I have never done this before, so it sounded terribly difficult… I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong! Doing all the other strings today and then having fun with constantly tuning it over the next few weeks.


Wow! That’s awesome!

I’m not sure if this belongs under tiny victories or tiny complaints… I like Larabars for a backup snack to have around all the time. My local grocery store sometimes has them on sale for $1 each, so I’ve been resisting buying them for a while, since I hadn’t seen the sale. On Sunday, I finally decided they must not have that sale anymore and grabbed a couple at full price at a different grocery store. Then yesterday I was at my local store and they had the $1 sale again! So I picked up five more and now I have seven Larabars.


I gave a training presentation to 30 or so people at work today, and I feel like it went really well and I’m really glad I pushed to give it!


Saved another $500 towards a car! About $1k to go :slight_smile:


I have decided to buy the socks. And the underwear! Poo-s-sibly the tee shirts, but maybe not.

Pulling the trigger on the 15th, when the next paycheck hits.


Also, all lawyers remain unmurdered.


Good job.


I finally took a bag of books I don’t want anymore to the bookstore near my work. Sold most of them and got $22.80!

Also survived a work week and have two days off. This feels like the biggest accomplishment of all.


Painted the poles for my new shade sail just in time for them to be “touch dry” when we stick them in the ground in an hour.

Napping until people turn up with muscles and concrete.


Today I went to the thrift store and I unloaded a bag of clothing that I’d Marie Kondo’ed. I bought a couple of wine glasses and a couple of saucers that are the perfect size for wet kitten food, for $1 each! (I had a couple of cat dishes already but I’m terrible about immediately washing them and that is how I end up cursing and scraping dried cat food off of their dishes at OMG a.m. every morning! Having a couple extra will save my sanity) I am only going to get my wine glasses from there going forward, seriously. I break them all the time and therefore should never buy fancy ones from fancy home stores.

When we came home, I sorted through and organized ALL my stock for my handmade jewelry side business and made a plan for what I need (not want) to make for an upcoming show and what I need (not want) to buy in the way of supplies.

Very productive day!


I must confess I feed my cat on paper plates, the thin cheap ones. In my defense, I compost them after he reuses for a week or two (he licks them clean obsessively).


@rural, I thought you couldn’t compost stuff that had meat residue on it? I guess if he licks them clean enough then that mostly eliminates that problem? (I am new to composting, started last summer, and am hoping that it didn’t get so cold over the winter that nothing broke down at all in the composter.)


I probably shouldn’t, but he does get them very clean indeed, and so far I’ve not had trouble with critters in the compost from just that. Otherwise I’m very strict about meat or dairy in the compost.


Amazon subscribe and save usually has the best price for Larabars I can find! =) Esp if you have the amazon rewards card (5% back on amazon). Just in case you have prime, figured I’d mention it.


My little victory: my Rover sitter profile is technically still active, even though I haven’t used it in a while. A lady reached out to have me walk her dog, and it turns out she’s right across the street! So I did 3 walks across 2 days, hug out with a cool dog, and made about $60. Plus, she was awesome and also a nurse, so there’s a “maybe friend?” vibe there.


Yesterday I made a physiotherapist appointment for today, to fix my headache/migraine. Making appointments is hard (I should have seen someone months ago before it all got this bad…)


Good job!!