Tiny Victories

I’m an oddball with you. I love that doing an at home haircut takes me five or ten minutes right after I get out of the shower and is free. My hair is almost always in a pony tail or bun so as long as I get it approximately straight it’s fine.


Yes, I have done it before! I don’t like hair cuts at all either; salons and nail spas all feel medical to me. Anyway, I have been cutting my own hair almost my whole life! I was probably a young teenager the last time I had a pro cut. I cut my hair dry because it is curly (3A mostly with a bit of 2C and 3B tossed in) so there is a lot of shrinkage from we to dry. Growing up in an area where my texture was uncommon :laughing: omg every single time they’d cut it wayyyyy too short because it was wet. So bad, lol, I always ended up with a giant triangle/mushroom shape.

This was mostly a trim to even things out! I get breakage in the back of my hair first so when the breakage makes the center of my hair a bit shorter than the sides I like to even it all out so it’s the same length. I don’t usually like layers but I’ve done lots of different cuts over the years! I’ve done a pixie cut (mine looked a lot like when Halle Barry had her hair super short, it was cute but high maintenance), and for a while I had an angled bob, which was actually a really easy cut to do and looked good on me- I might go back to that when I’m older if I don’t feel like long hair upkeep then. I’ve done bangs too, which like, never again. Haha, they looked cute but it was SO ANNOYING with curls. I’ve also done layers but I don’t prefer them because I don’t really need more volume and it makes certain updos and things harder.

I love the results! I think my hair looks a lot healthier. I wish I didn’t get so much breakage in the back so it could be longer but if the choice is longer but uneven/weak looking and shorter but thicker/healthier looking then I’ll go with the healthier look. It’s still plenty long to do buns and ponytails, etc. It’s probably 6 inches below my shoulders, but the longest pieces I trimmed were like 9+ inches.


Criterion added a bunch of Myrna Loy movies this month!


I made and chilled some echinacea tea with honey a couple days ago, so it’s ready now that I have a sore throat. Thanks, past self!


Excellent planning… But I am sorry you have a sore throat!


Successfully converted park friends into house play date friends. Plus husband had the dad join for his birthday post kid bedtime happy hour. Real friendships afoot! And their boy is a pretty gentle soul which matches our daughter very well. Still excited how well the house play date worked out, and we have an invite to their house for a play date and pizza making soon.


First Jan. 6 rioter convicted at trial sentenced to more than 7 years in prison (yahoo.com)

Politics but good

Results: Kansas voters decide 'no' on the abortion amendment : Live Coverage: 2022 Primaries : NPR


One of my BN group members is collecting 3.5" floppy disks to recycle, since if she got to 200 the company would cover the shipping. I only have 5 but today she’s going to be in my neighborhood and she’s at 196!

Haha I have a Logitech mouse installer, an EE class project, and ICQ on those disks. Who remembers ICQ??

I’m so glad she’s taking my floppies because now they’ll get recycled!


I remember ICQ!


An unpleasant work task that I have had to do weekly now only needs to get done every 2 weeks. I’ll take it.


To Catch a Thief is on Amazon Prime!!!

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Was boxing up old books to donate and one that I randomly happened to flip through (left by an old roommate years ago) had $30 in cash stuck in the pages :muscle:


I finally finished season 18 of Grey’s so I can be an actual productive person after dinner instead of laying in bed crying to Netflix every night :joy:


First post-pandemic work out induced muscle soreness.


I am due for a haircut, and also wanted to get a pedicure and spray tan before a pool party next week (you may have seen that my foundation shade is named “Yukon.”) I was able to make all 3 appointments even though the timing is a little tight, and I was able to do it all online. Now I just have to go to Target and try on swimsuits, I believe in myself!


Nan Gets Tan!!


It’s raining that perfect soft rain that is the best to fall asleep to :heart_eyes:


Puppy office visit! She got a new “wild child” shirt which is perfect for her. :grin: