Tiny Victories


I sewed up another curtain hem today. The baby’s room (er, well, now he’s a toddler… ) finally has finished curtains! We have another 2 parts to attach to the wall for the curtain rail to be complete. It’s taken us a year since we moved in to sort this out. IKEA curtain rails are awesome but also have so many more pieces to screw in than we realised, and drilling high up the wall for short people is hard work.

I still have the entry way curtain and our master bedroom curtains to hem… and then we get to start thinking about curtains for the rest of the house…


Curtain hemming can be so tedious, finishing them is no small feat! Glad you’re making progress. I once made 6 sets of 13’ sheer curtains for someone and by the end I was pulling my hair out with all the slippy fabric sliding around


I made it to the gym! I have a habit of skipping on my days off work.

Spent no $ today in spite of having plans to buy wine, Pringles, and packet cocoa.

…the wine i consciously decided against as I didn’t feel like having to park the bike, but the rest was due to realizing I didn’t have my card anyway.

Still a win :slight_smile:


It’s just so hard to get to anything that’s toddler-unfriendly! Especially since my sewing machine wakes him up, the curtains were in his room already so working on them meant a potentially short nap due to it being too bright, so much to project manage! Thank goodness his are done.

I did the entryway curtain AND gave my sewing machine a new home in the lounge, as it’s the one room of the house I can safely sew without waking the toddler. I expect a lot more progress on sewing projects now that I have that major issue fixed!


After six years my living room curtains are still not hemmed! I have no excuse except #cat.


Today is Friday, a day in which I do not usually work but am in fact working today. My alarm is set for M-Thrs and I forgot to update it last night, but my silly body woke me up only 10 minutes after I would have been awakened anyhow and no catastrophic results occurred from my failure to set my alarm.


In the same vein as Oro, yesterday my alarm didn’t go off and neither did my mini human alarm and I woke up 6 minutes after I was supposed to have left for my PT appointment. Luckily the office is 3 minutes from home so I was able to quickly change me and Bobbin, brush my teeth and made it only 2 minutes late.


Lunch included vegetables, and was consumed like an adult with table manners. Boomsnacks.


I took a nap.


The guy installing my new front window is cute and casually mentioned that he’s single


Casually schmasually



I remembered to turn our sprinklers on (non automatic system, we are only allowed 2 allocated days per week due to water restrictions) AND I planted all the plants I bought straight away yesterday.

Now I just have to work out where I’m putting the ones I bought 2 weeks ago…


I walked 10k steps today!


I made phone calls! I hate making phone calls.


oh, I do too!! I will always prefer a business that lets me make appointments online over making a phone call!

Solid work!


I am five days into no-sugar March and holding strong, even though there were chocolate-dipped digestives available to me at lunch.


I found this extremely nerdy skirt at Goodwill for $7. It’s amazing. It’s perfect. It even FITS. It’s… a Macy’s house brand? I desperately want to know the story behind its design.


My little dude is reading My Side of the Mountain, instead of reading his favourite book for the 2635748th time. I love that he’s trying something new and reading this but am aware that he will soon be trying to run away and become a hermit in the woods.


I took Duckling to the zoo ON THE BUS. He loved it. Public transport to daycare is seeming WAY more possible.


Also: finished hemming master bedroom curtains.

Also also: my sewing machines new hidey hole in the loungeroom is way more conducive to both getting me to finish projects AND keep my project # under control.