Tiny Victories


I’m a tubby-tubby well into being overweight for height. I use the fasting days to accomplish weight loss then eat at TDEE-ish the other 5 days. No calorie replacement, so true money savings. Though it obviously has a definitive expiration date when the cost will go back to original.


I fought the law.

Fine, I fought a tiny, ridiculous government bureaucratic idiocy. But I won a tiny victory, didn’t I?


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I am saddened.






I need to change that forum rule because it sucks. And I’m the ForumMistress so I can do what I want.*

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My tiny victory for yesterday was contacting a company in two different ways to ask them to improve their packaging practices. Also, being a smartass :laughing:

My tiny victory for today is taking my first dose of magic medicine (aka thyroid supplement).


Talk about a tiny victory! :joy:

My tiny victory for today is that I was well enough to go to work.


Today’s tiny victory, that doesn’t feel very tiny, is teaching myself how to do stranded colorwork! I’m partway through a hat and intend to finish it tonight.

Today’s other tiny victory, which feels pathetically tiny, is showering – hadn’t done it in a few days and today is the day where the hair really, desperately needed it. This is the problem with working from home, y’all, you become a stinky pajama monster.


Oh honey, don’t I know it. I’m trying to implement a “commute to work” routine where I get dressed properly and ready to go into my home office like I’m taking the train to work as a tactic for… life.


I feel like I’m a stinky pajama monster but I have to bundle up in 25 layers then commute 80 minutes each way to achieve this glory :slight_smile:

…we just changed the color of our scrubs to “jade green” and they are softer than our old navy blue scrubs, so the cartoony pajama feel is real these days.


Bahahaha this is too true :laughing:


IMO stranded colorwork is not at all a tiny victory. I technically can knit it, but I’m very slow and my floats are either too tight or too loose, and my attempts to learn continental style in the hope that my colorwork will be faster/more even have so far mostly resulted in hand pain that kept me from knitting at all this past weekend. So congratulations!

My tiny victory is also a work from home victory. It was sunny today, and I went outside for a walk in the sunlight.


I have a weekly meeting at a place 4 miles from my house, but it’s been a hurdle nor me to regularly bike there. Not the length of the ride, just that it’s not the greatest ride-some hills and weird crossings of busy streets. I just need to ride it more to get it into my muscles, but I never want to do it!

Today I sucked it up and rode my bike.


I’m glad I’m not the only person who has the stinky pajama monster problem. I mean, I’m not glad, but it’s nice not to be alone.

I think my floats may be a bit loose – I haven’t taken the hat off the needles yet, so we’ll see. I’ve been doing continental knitting since the start (I learned to crochet as a wee thing), and I imagine that does make this easier. It feels really easy to hold both strands in the left hand and just switch between which one you pluck! I’m total pants at English knitting, though, so I may be biased.


honestly if you’re worried they’re a bit loose they’re probably just right. My very first attempt stranded knitting was a too-tight nightmare, my next attempt I way overcompensated. And normally I’m a pretty efficient English knitter, but I have watched videos of every suggested trick for holding the yarn stranded and not a single one works for me at all, while holding one color at a time and dropping to switch is super slow and part of what’s causing my tension problems. It’s maddening, because there are so many colorwork patterns I want to knit!

I’m hopeful at least that the pain was caused by a combination of death-gripping the needles and needing to get used to the different motions, and if I practice more moderately I can get better without injuring myself.


That’s good to hear! The fabric doesn’t look like it’s puckering or anything, at least, though it’s not the kind of even that I am used to in my knitting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Death grip knitting is the worst. My hands hurt so bad when I first learned knitting.


Work from home stinky pajama monster checking in here. Only it’s even worse now because of breastfeeding I’ve given up on wearing shirts and just rock the nursing bra and a sweater most days. I figure 1) no one is around to see me, 2) it’s just something else to wash when it gets spit up on, and 3) less things to manage while Bobbin is nursing.

My tiny victory is that I caught a screw up from my insurance company that will result in me getting $$$ back that they billed me for in error. It’s tiny because I haven’t gotten the money back yet since they have to do their whole “resubmit and review” nonsense. Tiny victory is them admitting it should have been covered.


Getting an insurance company to admit wrong doing is a HUGE victory if you ask me!


I’ll consider it huge when they actually come through with it. My insurance company _really_sucks