Tiny Victories


I did something risky that I was scared of. It turned out better than I thought it would. Not great, but not terrible, and that’s a win.


Somehow, in my never ending day (just ended {6-7 whyyyy} ), I made it home midday for 90m and walked my dog, spray painted my sofa legs, and rage-mowed the front lawn.
:white_check_mark: Feels good to have a few things off my list.


I feel well enough I can go to yoga today!!! Only missing one of the three classes I normally do each week is not bad for getting a cold and missing most of a night of sleep. Very excited to go back though.


I thought I had a sore throat, but it didn’t feel like being sick; I was right! I bit my tongue while eating a biscuit earlier today and had forgotten.



I sent the email to my “boss” about quitting. :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


I walked to the pool, signed up for a membership and swam for 30 min. This is actually a really big victory, because I have a messed up relationship with swimming (competitive swimming for 10+ years, super burned out in college) Once I get back in the pool, I’m always reminded of how good it feels to be doing something that doesn’t cause me pain (like my most favorite hobbies: cycling/running) and feels more natural to me than walking.
I was especially grumpy to get back into the pool this time around because I am unable to mountain bike, hike or run right now, even after having multiple surgeries/injections/pt to try to reduce pain last year. I feel like I pretty much ruined my body, and will never be an athlete again. My PT listened to me say all of those things and then said “just go swim”…I fought it for about a week, because for me, getting back into the pool has always signified “giving up” on the things I really want to be doing. But I talked myself down from that silly idea, and decided that this is where I am right now, and hopefully it’s not always where I am, but right now all I can do is move in the way my body wants. Which is swimming. Hmmm…still grumpy about it, but slowly letting go.


That’s no tiny victory!!! That’s a fucking massive shift in mentality. I’m still working on it too, but I’m really really glad you’re swimming again. I’m very familiar with the “this is giving up” feeling and disappointment at ability level (over and over again). The best and worst thing is that you can’t really take the athlete mentality out of an athlete. But you can use that mentality to huge advantage in a scenario like this. What’s more badass than an athlete who has even more obstacles than other athletes and still gets out there and pushes it to the max?! Who else is even disciplined enough to keep going after allll the stuff that’s happened? A lot of people just give up. You’re grumpy but you’re swimming :wink: congratulations!


I can so relate! I’m also a former competitive swimmer who got super burned out. I eventually got into triathlon and I like swimming as a part of that but won’t compete in swim meets any more.

Good for you for doing what’s right for you and your body in the present!


Fought through my intense sports anxiety and participated in the entire team building “learn to curl” outing. (I got lucky and did not have to play with the super competitive and athletic coworkers.) Turns out, curling is kind of cool actually.


I am so proud of you! That is a big deal. And I feel you on the messed up relationship with a former competitive sport if you need to talk about that…


Victories all around. It stopped raining before my walk. I found good maternity workout clothes at a resale shop. My pregnant friend was sympathetic to my cravings and took my to McDonalds for a sandwich I’ve been craving for a week. (I don’t live near McDonald’s, and in fact haven’t been there in years. But we were near one and it’s been sounding just so so irresistibly good). IKEA wasn’t nearly as chaotic as expected for a Saturday. And Husband had an idea for dinner that turned out AMAZING.

Good day.


After feeling like crap all day, I finally feel human but not quite enough to tackle big projects on my to do list.


@rdaneel0, @RamonaQ and @anomalily thank you all for your supportive and encouraging responses. Seriously this community is the best! It is cool to find others who have dealt with similar things and can relate…I feel like a lot of times in my “real” life I don’t share things like that because most of my friends don’t understand the mental process I am going through to restructure my expectations as an injured athlete and what I may or may not be able to do in the future. Anyway, Thank you!!


Curling is fun! :slight_smile:


Big Victory! Congrats.
I know the feeling you are speaking to very intimately.
In fact, I have not put on my skates (I played derby for ten years) or even taken them out of the case in a full year (the bearings are probably rusty).
I gained 40lbs when I took a year off post-derby and thought I’d never recover from the burn out, the body fat I wasn’t used to and the injuries.
I, like you mentioned, am coming around to purposeful movement again and maybe I’ll eventually put those skates on. I hope that swimming can become a positive experience for you. <3


I appear to be having a bed day


Me too.
It might also be a bath day.


Thank the gods for instant espresso powder, which was in my cupboard. Not really a victory, but it allowed me to function this morning. :flushed:

(Really need to buy coffee.)


I got married.


Lol, casual!