Tiny Victories


I did 1 and 3. Does instant pudding count as making food? Probably not.


If I have anything to say about it, instant pudding counts.


I definitely have a row in my habit tracker that is “ate real food”. Multiple days are blank this month.


I exercised (restorative YouTube yoga), ate real food and cooked real food for tomorrow. I also took 3 baths, and several naps and watched a whole series on Netflix.

For how sick I woke up, it’s very productive


My sinuses are stabbing me in the face when I bend over**, so I’m doing lots of squats today - great for lower body strength!

**Sinus infection, already booked into the dr…


Ah fuck. But I love the positive spin you put on it.

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Triple victory: got in a nice long walk which allowed Bobbin to take a nap at a time when she desperately needs to but never does sleep, let me get lots of steps in, and meant I got to the UPS store to complete some amazon returns. So much winning today.


I bought an $8 bra on ebay and it fits! Now I have two bras in usable condition.

My kid’s psychiatrist signed him up for free autism camp this summer, because she thought he might like it. A week of free camp! A week without being on him all day every day!

The good helpful drugs arrived today so I can stop rationing the meds that make me feel ok. I can just feel ok whenever!


I think the hydrocortisone cream I put on prospective hives is helping. Bless modern medicine.


I found strepsils in the emergency medicine basket

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I woke an hour before I needed to (thanks cats + bladder) so I got in some relaxation/ meditation time and took my meds well before breakfast, so I can eat brekkie at a reasonable time


Walked 18 flights of stairs today in my work building!
I’ve only been doing this once or twice a week but I want to make it a daily habit.


While arranging all my shoes, I found something I’d lost several years ago.

My old water shoes (neoprene booties) live in the garage and I haven’t worn them in a few years. I brought them in and put them with the other shoes for the big shoe photo. One seemed to have something stuck inside. Risking certain death from whatever unknown thing had crawled in my shoe from the garage, I reached a hand in and found… socks! Wool socks that had been missing for … well, apparently since I last wore those shoes. Yay for newfound socks!*

.* well, they aren’t in Yay! state right now. Socks that were wet with gunky river water then balled up and stuffed in a bootie several years ago are not pleasant things. But they will be!


Bobbin is now reaching for and intentionally playing with her baby gym that we made! I even caught it on video. I am unreasonably happy about this.


Today’s forecast is cloudy but not rainy, so I’m hanging the laundry out on the clothesline.


I’m only 24 hours away from getting a sleep-in.


I gave this guy a haircut so he is cuter than usual.

My little dude and i are going to a Chinese buffet for dinner. We usually can’t have Chinese because of bigger kid, who can’t have gluten. Bigger kid is away so this is the final night of our awesome gluten party.


Your pup is BEAUTIFUL!
The haircut looks great. Shout out to dog groomers because that is hard to do!

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I’ll do a victories:

  • Today at the gym I lifted “with the heavy lifters in the back” (to be clear, this is not a designated area, it’s more of a “perceived” area… probably mostly by me) and shared the bar with some dude(s) who are ten years younger than me. Now, V tired.

  • Ordered one promotional shirt for my business with my new logo on it (just one for now)! :grimacing:


I have not yet fallen asleep even though I’m tired and covered with my favorite faux-fur blanket while I finish up work for the day. GO ME.