Tiny Complaints

To be fair, I don’t like super sweet drinks to begin with but yes, drooooool.


Ooh, she might have some maple syrup…


Yeah I don’t either :sweat_smile: but a touch of sweet in the right place, esp when it comes with bonus flavors like maple syrup, yummmm. And on a hot day? Heavenly.


I’ve been trying to get rid of stuff in BN, the big Portland free group, and the Craigslist free section. I don’t give out my address until they confirm pickup. This guy said he’d come around noon and we got home after 5pm and the stuff is still there. I am so annoyed.


A zipper went off one of the rails. I decided to fix it. Much effort later, I made the whole thing worse and now I think it needs replacing.


I emailed him and no response, so I put the stuff back in the garage and told him I’m moving to the next person and I emailed the second guy. I don’t want to do porch pickup for the same item in case the first guy shows up in the meantime and takes it! It’s half a gallon of expensive enamel paint.

I wish I could just throw a bunch of this stuff away but I feel a moral obligation to try to rehome it first. Some of it can sit on the shelf and it’s ok (like the can of polyurethane) but others need to go, and for some of the stuff I know it can be useful to somebody. People are so flaky and they suck.


Giving my cat her medicine went super well this morning.



How did she get it that high on the wall though?! That is impressive!


Based on personal experience, my guess is jammed syringe and excess pressure :joy: pro tip, always fully pull apart and immediately rinse on warm water any syringes you need to reuse LOL. Esp with sugary and viscous meds.

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She jerked her head as I was trying to give it to her. :rofl:


The syringe was clean, she just wasn’t having it. Ha. To be fair, it must suck to be forced to take medicine when she’s never had to before and I’m clumsy at administering it.


Oooh it’s so nice to not have to reuse them!


It takes 2 of us holding Boy Kitty down to get his pill down him; I completely understand. But then I also would not like having something nonconsensually shoved down my throat. I wish they could understand why we are doing it.


I have been waiting for a a Memorial Day sale to replenish my fancy tea stock and it appears that this year they didn’t have one


I have been procrastinating on putting together a deck and it’s been really irritating me having this undone thing looming over me, because I knew it wasn’t all that much effort required.

And in the end, I was correct. less than 2 hours of heads down time to complete. And yet I lost so much potential joy because of self recrimination during that delay.


I hurt myself sleeping.

But not in the usual “I slept wrong and now my neck is all crinked” way. In a new way.

Basically, I gave myself rope burn under my arm with my own shirt due to the way I contorted myself in my sleep. I essentially turned the arm hole into a tourniquet with all my twisting around. It’s kind of funny, but also does not feel great!


My project review meeting got pushed to Thursday. So instead of spending tomorrow in the office grinding out edits, I have nothing to do. So I will have to pretend to be busy at the office. Dumb!


So much pollen it looks like someone drew on the sidewalks with yellow chalk


Getting a cold sore on an in-office day means no way to treat it til like 5:30PM, so I guess it’ll just grow ever larger all day!!! Love that


I work at a very small company and get 18 total vacation and sick days. (Plus random paid Federal holidays.) Out of the 18 days, we have to take two full 5 day weeks off leaving 8 more days. My boss just said that he is closing us between Christmas and New Year’s but that one coworker and I have to save up 4 vacation days to use then. Neither of us wants to do this, we both prefer being off when it’s warm out and don’t travel at Christmas. After saving these days it only leaves 4 more for all other single vacation days, sick days and other personal appointments. I don’t think it’s enough and coworker and I are both a little cranky about it. Coworker just had to tell his wife that they can’t take the summer vacation she wanted. I also have another coworker who is a daughter and certainly will not be saving days. I’ve been here 30 years and coworker is at 25. Boss tried to frame it as a good thing though, like “these 4 vacation days get you 10 days off because the holidays!” Ha. Whatever dude. Coworker and I would both rather have 3 days off, work for 4, then have 3 more days off.