Tiny Complaints

My manager just misspelled my name in respond to the post celebrating my 1 year anniversary. My name shows up twice in the post above hers.



What’s the problem, Marcooola?


Happy anniversary mashela!


Really proud of you, Marsha.


I want to leave early but my boss is in the office. She always works from home on Fridays. Why is she here today of all days?!?!


And now I’m working late. :upside_down_face:

(Late for me, not late for most people. But still.)


The HR lady who hired me and processed all of my paperwork, with my name written on it dozens of times, who I’ve spoken to at least 10x a year, and who has heard my name at least 100 times STILL calls me a different name after almost 4 years. :neutral_face:


Oliver pooped on the deck…then he had an itch, tried to scratch it and fell over like he always does, dipped his butt fur into the :poop: which then got stuck on him and smooshed down both of his legs. Very fun clean up :roll_eyes:


The building next door is getting its roof replaced so if I don’t want my car and my vegetable plants to get pelted with old shingles, nails, and other detritus of roof work, I am going to have to park on the street and move all the plants. And then have a huge mess in my yard which the roofers will not clean up because it’s not our house they are working on.

(Due to the placement of their building most of the mess is going to likely fall on our side of the fence and not in their yard. Argh.)


It’s perfectly normal and ok to ask the workers or property owner to come into your property and clean up their mess.


When I got my roof redone they had a big magnet they walked around with, and even if they don’t that’s still just part of the job for them - it’s still part off their mess.


After over a year of putting it off, I finally found a PCP near me who takes my insurance, isn’t affiliated with a religious organization, and even mentions that LGBTQ+ patients are welcome. I went to go through the intake process… and discovered they have a $40/month membership fee. Booo


We’ve always had a fair number of mosquitoes at dusk here, but suddenly the last couple days it’s 24/7 mosquitoes. We’ve lived here 3 years and never dealt with this.

Also, had to remove my favorite branch from our apple tree :cry::cry::cry: our tree has 4 types of apples on it and this was the best one but it’s low in the front and makes it hard to mow, AND crosses at a bad angle with another branch and they both have rub scars. Instead of risking the whole tree we finally made the call to take the branch but I’m legit very, very sad about this.


Yesterday while I was driving to a work appointment my car told me it had “reduced engine power”. At 4pm on a holiday weekend. I called the dealership who said I really shouldn’t drive it so I canceled my appointment. Drove 20 minutes back to the dealership at 45mph which was the fastest it would go. I’m sure the people behind me were thrilled. They said it’s usually a sensor and they will look at it Tuesday. They gave me a loaner car because I bought mine there which was super nice of them, I’m happy they had one available. Between that and a sick cat yesterday sucked.


OK, car complaints. I have that. Yesterday, both Husband I had the day off from work. Great time to get my blinker fixed. But first I had to meet him at the car rental place to return his rental because his stoooopid car that he loves and I hate with much passion had been in the shop for two weeks and it was finally ready! So we do that, I take him to his mechanic to get his car, I go to my mechanic and drop off my car, he meets me there and I get in his god-awful beastly vehicle and notice that the air conditioning he just had fixed doesn’t seem to be blowing cold air but I’m just a hater, it’ll get cold in a minute, he says. We make a stop. We get back in the car and it doesn’t start!!! I do some cursing about his stooooopid car, he calls his mechanic, and then he tries it again and it starts. So I jumped in and said take me back to my car first, please. My car wasn’t ready but I just said I need my car after all and took it back. No blinker fix for me but we certainly can’t rely on his jalopy!! Maybe I’ll try again on Monday. Just get there early and just sit in the lobby. :frowning:


Oh! I forgot my other complaint. At our insanely long lunch (it took 2.5 hours!!!) I ordered two things I’ve been craving recently- Buffalo wings and lasagna. They were both disappointing :sob: the wings were straight up BAD- squishy and wet and fall apart and awful. The lasagna was just disappointing but not horrible- a single bottom noodle, a super thick ricotta layer, one noodle, a skim of meat sauce and a crispy cheese layer. The crispy cheese was the only saving Grace, but literally how do you call a single layer of everything a lasagna?? That doesn’t even count. And 2/3 of your lasagna should NOT be a ricotta filling, just no. I didn’t even realize I was much of a lasagna snob prior to this :joy:

Worse, I now feel obligated to make a lasagna to redeem the experience but omg I don’t have the energy for that. But I NEED to.


Husband bought two enormous boxes of extra toasted cheezits. They taste awful.


This happened to us recently. They just taste burnt. :-1:


I thought I was stealing some blueberry juice from my mom’s fridge to make some nice blueberry lemonade but it’s actually tart cherry juice so I have a nice tall glass of double tart juice :joy:


Tart cherry lemonade is delicious, you just have to add more sugar to it!

Now I miss tart cherries.