Tiny Complaints

A very solid plan. I have done the first two. Just bought some cool tin dishes to take camping. Will see friends tomorrow :yellow_heart:


1 & 2 yep.
3. Don’t know anyone in the area affected by whatever bullshit is going on: send some money, if i don’t have energy to find a direct one i usually default to Doctors without borders
4. Yes whimsy
5. Yes social


The person’s sister was really happy I went to the visitation, so I’m glad I did.

And then dinner friend backed out because she was exhausted and I was very happy to skip it (I like her and want to catch up soon, but not for a late dinner tonight)

Now I am home, a cat is on my lap, and GBBO is on the TV.

So most of my complaints are no longer complaints. :slightly_smiling_face:


This woman is running against my Governor. From the things I have read, she seems to be kind of a terrible human. The good news is that my Governor is ahead in the polls so far. Fingers crossed!


Our Internet thinks we’re in Florida so on Hulu we see ads for DeSantis and they are just so gross.


I am so very deeply sorry.

I put off buying stuff so long, and now everything I wanted to buy is out of stock.


Mr. Meer read a kid version of Dracula to Kiddo at bedtime. He says he stopped when he realized Kiddo was getting scared, I want to know why he even thought that was a good idea in the first place. :unamused: Kiddo brought the book home from the school library and I read it to him earlier - as in 10am right before we were going to leave the house and go out in the nice bright sun light. No way was I going to make it a bedtime book.


Buying cars sucks. Worse, I LIKE the car we’re replacing :cry: but we need a truck and we don’t want to have 3 cars. UGH. I hate this whole process.


This is the reason we still have our three-door hatchback despite having to do yoga to get baby in and out of the car seat when she was small. I hate car shopping!


Boy Kitty threw up his entire breakfast all over the power cords that were plugged into my outlet strip.

TV: he seems to have missed the actual empty outlets so no barf is actually inside the strip?


I feel like I’m getting a cold.


Gas went up .50/gallon today.

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These ABC audits just won’t end and they’re due Friday. :tired_face:


School holidays. I’m really bad at managing 2 kids


The phrase “christ on a cracker” is stuck in my head and i don’t know why.


I have a cold, I didn’t sleep worth shit last night, and I can’t take a day off since we have to get these ABC store audits out by Friday.


Because I am a nice person and some people in my house like coffee pods, even though I think they are wasteful and stupid, when I bought a new coffee maker this summer I spent $200 on a Keurig Duo instead of $50 on a Mr. Coffee.

The Keurig is such a pain! It wants to be descaled every other week which seems unreasonable, and now it is stuck in the descale cycle.

So dh hauled the reserve coffee pot upstairs and set it up but didn’t put the lid on right and made a giant mess.

So now there’s a giant mess AND I need to talk to customer support at Keurig. This does not bode well for me being less irritated today.


Seems to me that dh should clean up the giant mess.
I don’t get the appeal of keurigs either, unless you are going to drink a really small amount of coffee so that even a small regular coffee pot makes too much.


Our morning alarm tone is birds chirping. This morning there were birds outside chirping that sound just like the alarm tone. So I kept thinking the alarm was going off and it was time to get up. Starting at 5:30.