Tiny Complaints


Also: the dogs are asleep and snoring now, but I am awake.

They skate through life on their looks and don’t do any work. Assholes.


My sorbet and ice cream are on the bench, my bed is in the bedroom, and I am on the couch in the loungeroom. I need someone to sort this out.


I am still sleeping “fine” instead of “well.”


My laptop charger appears to be toast. I put up with “finicky” for a few weeks. Now I can’t charge my laptop at all and need to go to store to insist on a new one, since I’ve had this machine less than 6 months.


The good news: I got a 25% off coupon for toms and I have a pair of toms I’ve been waiting for a coupon to buy, to replace my falling apart flats

The complaint: they’re out of my size :expressionless:


I’m too sick to cook and too sick to drive and don’t want to pay for delivery and the dogs are refusing to make me dinner.
In fact, they want me to feed them
(Wo)man’s best friend my ass.


My hot chocolate is too hot and I burnt my tongue.


I am in very little pain as long as I stay on the couch, but I really need to pee.


Bladders are traitors.


I’ve been trying to hydrate since I’m sick. So much pee. So. Much. Pee.


I got in late from an emergency evening trip to grad school city and back, must get up early for work. I may have given the dog an extra pain pill so we would both sleep as the nighttime arrival had him agitated. Now I feel all guilty for drugging my dog even though he’s on a dose far lower than the vet prescribed (even with the extra), she said to adjust as needed within the parameters she set, and the upshot will be we both feel better tomorrow. But I gave the baby extra drugs so I could sleep. That just feels wrong.


I’m going to have to bring my toddler to my physio appointment this afternoon and bribe him with muesli bars to keep him quiet and compliant :frowning_face:


Lost my transit card over the weekend ($13 on it, $6 card fee, and rides today extra in cash)


Ditto, except in our house it’s 5:45 a.m. :frowning:
In Boy Kitten’s defense, he doesn’t necessarily want breakfast at this hour. He wants cuddles. And demands them, with aggressive pawing and headbutts (and sometimes hair pulling!) until I relent and open my arms.

I went to a big comic con Saturday and I am STILL sore from being on my feet all day. (over 21,000 steps!). Also, I cosplayed for the first time, wore a wig, and it seems to have irritated the skin around my hairline; I have a big dent in my forehead still that is painful, and an itchy rash all around my hairline, WTF, body?


In trying to connect a second monitor to my laptop at home, I elbowed like half of the beer I was drinking onto my rice.



Congrats on inventing beer rice!


My back hurts from my cat laying on me yesterday, and I forgot to get my husband to rub it this morning before I left for work.


Beer bread is good. Beer rice should be fine.


Our client at work cannot figure out how to schedule things ahead of time and we keep getting pulled off one thing to go work on another rush ad hoc thing. They should have had plenty of forewarning that this was coming up, so the fact that we’re getting put into Fire Drill mode is kinda frustrating.


The kid I’m babysitting likes to argue and is deeply sceptical, but is illiterate and has no data.

Just now she flat out refused to believe that satellites can and have mapped the ocean floor. Also she argues that facts aren’t always true.

I’m going to hide in my room now.