Tiny Complaints


I have to pee but my pants are all the way over there and a roommate is home.


Solidarity; my underwire is pinching me in the underboob.

Also: at work, starving, no snacks in desk, no money for vending machine, already left office for therapy and cannot run out again to procure noms. WHINE.


I got a far-too-expensive haircut and beard trim not even a full week ago, and I’m annoyed that it wasn’t even a good haircut/trim (lineup). Totally not worth it, and not going back to that guy ever again. Boo!


I have too many laptops, and not enough phones.


This is me and baby sleep hell right now. Trying to address it is great and all, but most ways of doing so require effort and pain in the short term.


Small child is yet again sick enough to require effort on my part, but not sick enough to slow him down. He can’t walk on one of his feet and so we’re taking him to a GP and I HOPE they find something because he looks fine, but won’t walk and cries because it hurts every now and then…


Oh no - I hope the GP finds something, but that it is something that will spontaneously resolve itself quickly…


My work friends are in a meeting, so I have to wait an extra hour for lunch if I want to eat with them.


It has almost resolved. He started walking almost normally while in the waiting room. Likely soft tissue damage from an impressive faceplant last night. Now we know to wait 24+ hours instead of 12 hours for this situation before going to the dr, AND we have a backup group of Dr’s to see; we couldn’t get in at our normal one, had to go further away but they were just as nice.

But complaint: I missed going to a friend’s house this morning and Duckling is likely to have a late nap.


Baby is hungry. Instead of wanting to eat, baby wants to smile at me with milk all over her face. Then go back to crying because hungry. EAT, CHILD. Then you can smile all day long.


I can’t stay up to date on all the journals here


Late for a talk by FormerBoss because I misjudged time for getting ready, sleepiness of tiny mammals and train frequency. Right after resigning. Sigh.


I would really like it to be April already and yet it persists in being March


Me either - grump…




It’s because you’re upside down. Durrrrr.


My March spreadsheet is off by $1.98, into the red. I cannot figure out why. It’s infuriating.


I have a cold and my sinuses hurt.


I wanted to finish my book tonight but I’m too sleepy.


My dog somehow knows when it’s 7 am, even on weekends. At the stroke of 7 she wakes me up and asks for breakfast. This morning I have no deeds to do,no promises to keep. And yet I’m awake and out of bed. :confused: