Tiny Complaints


Word. Doesn’t help that on top of this I also had earlier-than-usual morning meetings all week, that already would’ve been a struggle to get to. Way to add insult to injury, guys. :frowning:


That sounds really rough, lhamo. I’m sorry you’re going through that, and I hope you can move through it with the least amount of pain possible.


That does suck. Rooting for you.


I hope the outside-of-your-control bits go smoothly. Sending you strength.


I posted my big complaint (new hire backing out at the last moment) on my journal, so I’ll post my small complaint here.

Our outdoor bookdrop is jammed shut. I can’t get it open and I don’t know what company makes the lock for it. Anyone who might know is gone until Tuesday.


We hit a deer and thus lost a day and a half of Spring Break. This would be more than a tiny complaint except my husband went and pulled the needed parts from a junkyard for $168, and no one was hurt. Well, except the deer - we didn’t go off into the pitch black woods the deer sailed off into upside down to check, but I imagine it would have more than a tiny complaint. Except it likely never knew what hit it.


Glad you and your DH are unharmed from the accident.


Oh, yes, we are lucky. Feel bad for the deer. Still don’t know what spooked it across the highway.


Took a couple great long walks in the sunshine today for grocery trips. 11k steps today. unfortunately, my feet hurt a ton now. Since this distance isn’t uncommon for me, I think my new shoes must be to blame :disappointed_relieved:


Lost my only day “off” this week to a perfectly fine toddler because I needed 24 hours since last possible symptom. Grump grump.

(Actually we had a pretty great day but I was planning on spending it lying flat on my back).


Relaxin could also be a contributor.


Ooooh that’s a really good point.


I’m trying to streamline/clarify my savings and income/expenses, but am being thwarted by admin at every turn. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a new freelance business account and be using Cleo, the savings chatbot/app. Will this improve my life? Maybe. Hopefully. But there are so many steps and it’s confusing, grrr.


Relaxin is a bitch and I had a lot of pain very early from it, was very unexpected but did let up.


My bra strap is sawing through my rib cage.


Almost got hit by a car this morning while walking my neighbor’s dog. No like.


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Jeeze. I’m glad you didn’t get hit. How scary!


This is only a tiny complain because we didn’t get hit – if the dog or I had gotten thwacked, I would have VERY BIG COMPLAINS.

As it is, there was a cop car right behind the dude who followed him down the street he turned onto… so I hope that the bro got a good talking-to.




Hungry at 2AM because didn’t finish dinner because toddler. Am so hungry. Ate chips, may need toast. Why do we not have muffins?!