Tiny Complaints


@LadyDuck, I feel your pain. I have brother-and-sister kittens who are almost 9 months old. I haven’t slept past 5 a.m. since we got them last fall. Girl Kitten likes to crawl under the covers with me, put her ice cold nose up against my leg or in my armpit and cuddle aggressively. Boy Kitten swats me in the face until I give him pets. I feel bad getting angry with them because they don’t want anything other than affection, but oof, these past 6 months or so have been rough.


Walking to bus stop from daycare. Bad headache, trying to decide if I should go home or to uni… Realised DH has my keys, so I can’t get into the house AND I can’t get into my office. Extra walk bonus?


Followed this up by missing my stop on the way home. Ugh to Monday.


Does it help you’re living Monday a whole bunch earlier than the rest of us? You’re ahead of schedule!


I advise you skip getting out of bed this Monday, it is not worth it.


Believe it or not, it’s almost Monday here, and I need to leave for the airport to go to Japan in 9 hours, and have approximately 6 hours of things to do before then not including sleep. So umm…yea.


Omg I didn’t realise Japan was so soon! HAVE FUN!!!


Have fun in Japan!! drop by HK :smile:

My boss is leaving my company and “we” would like to gift her something special so we bought her an Hermes scarf and my share of it is HK$ 380 = US$ 50. And ofc we’ll get fancy dinner and drinks too on top of that.

I suppose 50 bucks is not worth ruining my reputation over but GOD DAMN I hate the gift giving philosophy in this company! Why am I buying my BOSS a gift!!! why


I hate daylight savings time with a passion. I hate getting up in the dark. I had to get up even earlier than usual because of a Monday morning meeting that lasted all of 10 minutes and contained no useful information.

As an added bonus, heard an announcement on the train this morning that one of the trains I take to work - the one that already just shows up when it feels like it - is going to be having 15-20 minute delays “indefinitely” due to construction farther down the line. FFS.


Daylight savings is my nemesis.


They try to introduce it here every 5-10 years, to be inline with the rest of the country (that is already 3 hours different) even though we do most of our business within our timezone with SE Asia.

My Tiny Complaint: I’m reading a thesis from a university in USA. Acre-feet is a stupid measurement of volume. Dear USA, please convert to metric like the developed world. Sensible places use gigalitres which is meaningful AND sounds funny. Acre-feet sounds like a strange and uncomfortable disease.


Hey, you kept the queen from British imperialism, we kept this stupid measurement system. We all got dealt different hands. :wink:

(I really wish we were metric, but I never want to convert to Celsius for weather. Fahrenheit is far superior for determining human comfort levels over Celsuis.)


I am the tiniest bit sunburnt from a glorious day outside walking with Bobbin and a new friend. Note to self: you are no longer a hermit, put on the damn SPF moisturizer every day.


One of the unexpected effects of becoming a parent was spending much more time outside. I’ve even had to buy different clothes to accommodate a completely different lifestyle. Weird.


Mr Happier took Ewok out to the park so I could drink coffee in front of breakfast TV and slowly get ready for the day without a toddler trying to join me in the shower. I’m so tired and lethargic that I have just been sitting on the couch the whole time. They’ll be home any minute now and I have achieved nothing.


I can easily see this happening to me. I’ve always wanted to get outside more but it was easy to make excuses not to. Now it’s me making excuses to get outside because I want to take walks with the little one, and eventually I can see us being regulars at the playground and such.


Thursday after the time change and my body has NOT adjusted; day four of essentially showing up to work an hour earlier is extremely ugh


We are learning that our overstuffed linen closet is still insufficient in the face on a toddler with gastro. So. Much. Washing.


I don’t want to heart that. I want to give it a virtual hug.


You know that thing that happens when you really need to do a thing, but that thing is yucky and is going to cause lots of pain and anguish in the medium term. It will likely lead to greater happiness in the long term, but it is still hard to push yourself through the short-term yuck to get to the longer term yay? Especially because aspects of the thing are outside your immediate control and there is a chance they could go sideways and be EXTREMELY yuck?

I’m in the middle of such a thing at the moment. It is not fun. Thank you for listening to me whine about it.