Tiny Complaints


I have Golfer’s Elbow. I don’t want to add PT exercises to my already packed schedule, but it looks like I’m gonna. womp womp

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Between these people and drugs I will be ok. I’m just whiny.


I want lunch, but I don’t want my lunch.


I ate too much soup and now I am uncomfortably full!

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I bought a birthday present on Sunday and now the same stuff is on sale for 40%-off. :rage:


Some places will price match within a week or so of purchase… otherwise there was no way to know, so don’t worry about it


I bought a baked good in Paris and it was “fine.”


My hair never looks right after a haircut. I think they gave me a mullet by accident :tired_face:

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I have TENNIS ELBOW. I always mix them up. My coach corrected me today. Ooops. Similar exercises though.


I have had a tension headache literally all day and it’s gotten so bad I would consider going home except my husband and I carpool so if I go home I just have to come back and get him in two hours. Waaaaaaaah.


I am going to a dinner in 1.5 hours. I will be paying other people to make food for me. But I’m hungry now.


This day is dragging on and on and refuses to end uggggggh

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I’m not having just “fine” baked goods in Paris with Oro.


I’m in a terrible mood for no good reason and I just want a doughnut and some hot cocoa and a back rub and only the hot cocoa is available in the office.


There are doughnuts in my office. But they are, of course, not vegan.

That is actually the tiny complaint I was coming to this thread to make, so tiny complaint solidarity!

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My hand hurts, our client is in a tizzy over their work schedule (and therefore is throwing some tizzies into our work schedule), and I just want to take a nap while snuggling Cat, which is literally beyond impossible.

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@diapasoun I could use some snuggle naps, too! Feel you.

Excel refuses to cooperate with my data vis needs today.

I got a friend a gift but they shipped the wrong thing, then the right thing went out of stock, but they had it in store in her town and I’m feeling super awkward about ALL the extensive conversions we’ve had about this now. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal!!

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Maybe this is tiny, maybe it isn’t - but i’m Really sad about Grumpy Cat. Poor little thing, sad to die so young from something that sounds like it should be easily treatable (I don’t have cats, so I don’t know how easily treatable UTIs are for cats, but it sounds “easy”). RIP little Tartar Sauce - you made us smile.


Oh no, Grumpy Cat. :frowning: That cat made me smile so many times.


My younger kid has been obsessed with Grumpy Cat forever and is profoundly sad today.