Tiny Complaints


You have no idea how much I miss TAing as I’m reviewing this documentation. It’s everywhere, and the person who started the ~solution~ thing is senior enough that questioning Industry Buzzwords Everywhere becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth.

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You just need to take the 10000 ft view (then the font is so small you can’t see this BS).

I used to get data charts with no axes labeled (no label at all). I told them I would flunk them, if it were a junior high science project. Next charts, no labels…


My husband did NOT get a call today to find out if he is being offered a job or not. UGH. They said early this week at the latest. Dying over here.


I didn’t bring a warm enough jacket b cause I didn’t want to lug it around later when it hopefully gets warm and I’m shivering. I need more lightweight warm jackets (or even, like, ONE).

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I think I’m going to visualize becoming an airplane and make little vroom noises tomorrow as I continue documentation review. Thank you for this one. :3


My niece bought my cat a toy with a squeak


This is what seam rippers are for.


This sounds like a parody of a person.

…but I know it’s not. Solidarity.

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My team, years ago, came up with our own definition for “architect” as a verb (because it’s not a verb): “to throw the architect at something.”

Try it! It’s satisfying.

My other pet peeve is when people use “to include” in place of “including.”

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My hip feels like I’m being stabbed. Stupid nerves.

Also I want a ham & cheese croissant so badly right now but I have no idea what the dairy would do to my stomach. I might try later today anyway.


I would risk it to soothe the stab wounds


Today is not too cold. But my bra didn’t dry all the way, so it is cold and damp.

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I am not well at all, and Daisy apparently had some meth. She is crawling around under my bed, chewing on the bedframe and barking. I don’t like my dog today.


Hope you feel better soon and Daisy comes off of her high.


Hands are just not working today. Really not a good day for this.


Can you get one of your kiddos on the “canine enrichment” FB page and let them go to town entertaining her? Many ideas there. That was a life saver after my surgery with Baby Mayhem aka Lil Pup.


My kids went to school like lame nerds.

Daisy used her body to get all the dust bunnies out from under the bed, then fell asleep. Her snores shake the bed. She is such an idiot. <3

Yesterday and today I’ve had steady, miserable contractions. Like having a miscarriage or birthing a placenta. I don’t have a uterus any more so I don’t even know what is making this feeling happen, but I don’t love it. I would like it to stop now please.


GROSS. That’s the worst one I’ve heard in a while.


Is this something the doctors might have insight on? Or is it your body just going “WTF just happened?” in a phantom pain kind of way and just something to be dealt with post surgery?

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Ugh, so sorry about that pain :frowning: I had similar muscle contractions/spasms after an abdominal surgery last year. I assumed it was just the muscles trying to get back to where they were supposed to be, and nerves that were irritated by the surgery itself making their presence known.

Not fun, though, I’ll give you that, and my dog was happy to snooze next to me instead of causing an earthquake under my bed, haha.