Tiny Complaints


Gotta love how any which way, periods can be annoying!


Jinxed it


My son woke up 20 minutes before I was gonna be ready for him. I wanted alone morning time!


I wondered if it was the same housemate! I haven’t seen an update to your MMM journal yet–how did that go?


It was… okay. Deets will be up in a bit, once I get through some work stuff today. >o<


Woke up and my ears are all stuffed up, which is rather annoying when I need to edit video and would like comfortable use of my ear tubes.


My nose won’t stop bleeding. It looks like someone was murdered in my bedroom. So gross.


I have to finish cleaning my bathroom. I hate cleaning the bathroom, but I want a clean bathroom.


It was MINUS TWO F out this morning when I left for work. It is March. Enough already!

This caused me to inhale a slice of the pie in the breakroom immediately upon arriving at work. Out of pure crankiness and seasonal depression. I am not supposed to be eating sugar or flour. Fail!


My house was cold and my hands hurt, which made me cranky.

I turned the heat on to combat cold-hands, which has been SUPER EFFECTIVE!, but now I’m cranky because our last utilities bill was frigging high and it’s probably due at least in part to heating. I want my hands to not hurt when it’s 62 in the house, dammit.


My hands are always cold at work (because I’m the only freeze baby in my office) and last year I bought gloves with little heating discs that plug in to USB. I normally try to buy things that I’m reasonably confident are not assembled by children - these were $10 on Amazon so likely have a questionable past - but I could not even type after an hour my hands would get so cold.


… this could be pretty life-changing.


@diapasoun, try some of those rice-filled microwaveable hand warmers. Game changer. I use them at work and while waiting for the el. My friend made me some but I bet you can find some on Etsy.


How did I not think of that, Tris? Especially because I’ve used the big tied off tube socks to make big rice warmers for cramps!

I wonder if I can get my bestie to make me a pair of fingerless gloves with a rice pack on the back…


Double whammy today. #1 whoever designed the attachable cup holder on Bobbin’s stroller has a grasp of neither physics nor gravity, which caused #2: I have to order a new cafe lid for my brand new klean kanteen because it fell out FOUR TIMES on my walk to PT today and is all ground up and gross right where you put your mouth to drink :expressionless:


I feel you. My cupholder is similarly stupid.

Toddler napped for FOUR HOURS today, so I got a nap and then spent 3 hours on edge waiting for him to wake up at any moment. Which he did at the 1.5 hour mark… And then fell asleep after drinking milk. So I didn’t get anything done for fear of waking him, and now I’m super freaking tired because he didn’t want to go to bed until 830PM.


My whinge is about sleep again. Up since 4:20AM with only short naps because the cats kept asking for stupid things. Stupid cats. (They are lovely and fluffy).


Spent several hours over the past few days cleaning the house in preparation for DH’s return from a long trip. Cleaned the kitchen and all four bathrooms, put the Christmas tree away (we keep it up through the end of Chinese New Year in our family), swept and vacuumed. Even descaled the coffee maker and washed/vacuumed the car. I had intended to sweep the entry deck and stairs this morning, but then it snowed/rained and you cant really sweep pine needles when they are wet.

So what does DH freak out about/immediately start sweeping even before he enters the house?

He didn’t even notice/comment on all the other cleaning I did.



I gave the dog a haircut, then before I could shower the water got shut off for some plumbing repairs. The repairs are necessary and I’m glad they’re being done, but the dog hairs are prickly and I itch all over.


I need to leave for the bus at 5am. I’m at work and it’s 7pm