Tiny Complaints


Boobs/Armpits: agree

Thighs, Vulva: disagree

:stuck_out_tongue: https://www.uberlube.com

Dunno why my vulva thinks she’s so special but damn she’s picky about her anti-chafing substrates. Thighs too. Bodyglide has sadly been relegated to the side boob in this house, haha.

ETA – I had the uberlube website open in another tab and didn’t really pay attention but wowwwwww I love their slo mo people in skin graphics :heart_eyes:

@TrisPrior that’s no fun!! I had to increase the estrogen in mine for that reason (was on continuous/no period ever) but eventually had to go off entirely due to BP/age and it suuuuucks – I sympathize!

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Yeah, my doc is OK with keeping me on it for a few more years in hopes it will help me sail through menopause (HA, my peri symptoms are in full force). She recently changed me to the every-3-months-period pill because I developed what I assume are menstrual migraines and she said the pill I’d been on for 10 years was likely too strong for me now.

Did I mention I was wearing white underwear? Because of course I was. (note: I own(ed) ONE pair of white underwear. They had Jack Skellingtons on them. What were the odds that the Spotting Faerie would choose that exact day to visit me?)



Oxiclean/Hydrogen Peroxide/Coca Cola (citric acid)?!


I already pitched them. Oh well. Coca Cola gets out bloodstains? Out of white clothing? Doesn’t the Coke stain? I can just see myself raiding Boyfriend’s Coke stash when he knows I hate pop: "oh, never mind, honey, I’m just using your beverage of choice to get the period blood out of my undies! :D)


It worked on all my scrubs when I worked in veterinary medicine! I’m guessing it’s the citric acid, though; same reason Coke works to get hard water stains out of a toilet :smiley:


Just think of what it must be doing to our innards, then! LOL


I should have included a disclaimer. YBPMV. Your body parts may vary.
That link… Oh yeah!

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Is it too late to retrieve them? I get blood out by soaking overnight in cold water, then hand/dish soap and maybe stain remover (I use a stick called Buncha Farmers).


I have to admit this fact becoming truth was a shock to me upon my 30s being fully underway :smiley:


The seeds I started this afternoon have not sprouted yet. Hurry up! I may be a bit impatiens #gardenpun

Also the peas I stuck in the ground a week ago haven’t sprouted, and the seedlings I planted on Thursday are not already a glorious green carpet. At least I’m reliably getting a lemon a day at the moment.


A squirrel ate (half of) the one strawberry I had growing. And it wasn’t even ripe.


Yesterday I abandoned my bike at the go train because I met up with people and got a ride home. Today I was out all day and it is miserably wet and cold. And now I have to go walk to my bike. Yuck!

And it would probably be convenient having it there tomorrow night… But not the smartest plan


It’s been raining for two days and slowly and progressively every single one of my joints has started a humming incessant ache. C’mon sunshine!


It’s the middle of May and I’m contemplating turning the heat back on. It is three degrees colder in the house now than it was when I got up this morning.


If I hear the word “solution” used as a verb ONE MORE TIME TODAY

Also if I hear the phrase “solution architecting” ONE MORE TIME TODAY

:rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :exploding_head: :nauseated_face: :dizzy_face:


Say what now? I’m finally getting used to “ask” being a noun (though I still don’t like it) and now “solution” is a verb?

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Oh yeah. “When solutioning for a client need”

BARF I say.


What precipitated the client need??? I kill me!:rofl:


The client need was deposited out of a solution of 3% Pure Stupid, 19% Money Grubbing, and 78% Impatience…


So mostly crystalline Impatience with some shiny bits of Grubbing on the surface and occasional Pure Stupid inclusions. Someone should make beads of that right there.

“Solution” is not a verb. It is in fact a nominalization of “to solve.” I’m sorry for you. If anyone in my workplace tried to use it as a verb, I’d get to take off points, at least.