Tiny Complaints


2 million bonus for staying 2 weeks. And then 2 million/year

Then just quit again once the two million is in the bank


Oh great, ANOTHER WIND STORM. (I am so tired of this wind. It makes me feel like I might as well still live in the desert.)


I try to buy more environmentally friendly dish soap. I ran out and was at a smaller grocer. I got the Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena dish soap. I love citrusy smells. I hate this - it’s too “soapy” smelling. It’s not a light, fresh citrus smell - it’s an old lady soap smell. Bah! It was expensive too (for dish soap).

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I love Mrs Meyers but I only like the scents that are not fruity or floral. So, like, basil, radish, rhubarb… They are expensive, but these ones smell better (to me) than “regular” dish soap. (Maybe you can return it and get a different one?)

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The only other choice at this store was lavender- that’s a hard no for me. I’m using it. I’ll get soap at a different store with more brand options. Usually no dish soap at Costco (though they have Dawn on promo now - but that massacres my hands).


You can also cut Mrs Myers with an unscented soap by half and still have a really strong level of smell!

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Do you have any recommended unscented soaps? Would liquid castile soap work? (Now I am thinking…)

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I’ve used seventh generation free and clear.

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I was using EcoVer grapefruit scent. I am more used to the smell now. It does want to kind of linger on the dishes, even with extensive rinsing. But I think I notice it (or imagine it) because I don’t like it.


I spilled something on the couch (which is not mine, roommates) and tried to clean it. It cleaned up, but left hard water stains around the area that I cleaned. They are really nice about stuff like this but I feel terrible because I try so hard to keep their stuff perfect. They are coming into town tonight and I am dreading telling them about it :tired_face:


What is the couch made of? You might be able to get rid of the ring (distilled water? Re-wet and more blotting? Blow dry? Dry more slowly?)


Thanks for the suggestions. I did already try the distilled water/vinegar/blow dry combo, which did help…you can just tell that it’s not quite right. And the spot I cleaned is way cleaner than the rest of the couch, so it’s super obvious. The couch is this weird ribbed cloth stuff, and it’s tan with blue/white threads running through it, so it gets pretty grimy anyway (they let the dog on the couch, so they aren’t super concerned about it) …I’m just hoping the spot I cleaned will just get grimy like the rest of the couch soon enough and won’t be as noticeable.

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The only reasonable solution is to stop doing dishes.


Some dyes are pH sensitive, so be careful with vinegar


perhaps try a silicone/dimethicone makeup primer? I use one on my face and it’s super slippy feeling, I’ve used a little bit of it where an uncomfortable bra part was scratching me and it helped… but maybe not so cost effective if you’re using it on a larger area ($12 for just over 1/2 oz) https://www.palladiobeauty.com/collections/face-primer-online/products/foundation-primer


Do fire stations still let you drop babies off? Third night of not sleeping from sick baby.


Thigh chafe update (I know you were all SO worried): hippy deodorant on the inner thigh works great! Walked 5 miles in warm weather in a dress :raised_hands:


I totally wear thigh deodorant every time I wear a dress. I thought that’s just what you do? But I have never had a thigh gap of any kind.

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Gold standard in chafe prevention. Cannot recommend highly enough.


It’s still in the 40s here.

I find it impossible to keep up with this forum.

Mid-cycle spotting on the Pill that’s supposed to make me have a period only every 3 months, WUT. This has never happened to me before in my life. I feel like my uterus is giving me a big fat middle finger.