Tiny Complaints


Do you have a link to the sort of thing? I can’t really picture what would work. And part of the problem is I’m chafing under my shorts. Wearing two pairs of shorts at the same time sounds so friggin hot!

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There are:
Anti-chafing creams / roll-ons, I think they often have silicone - [Body glide](http://anti chafing cream for runners)
Thigh “garters” to wear - [Thigh bands](http://anti-chafing thigh bands)
Or just long-leg undergarments


For shorts I can’t help much because I don’t wear shorts unless they’re loungy gym shorts. But here’s what I bought for under dresses while pregnant: https://www.undersummers.com/collections/5050/products/maternity-shortlette-rash-guard-slipshort-beige

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Will this work if I’m just chubby?


They are amazing, I also have some extra fluff and I wear them. I am 100x more comfortable in dresses if I have these on


Hmm hmm hmm. Thanks for the help all! I’ll contemplate my options. If I can find some sort of hippy version of the anti chafing stick, that may be my best bet for not overheating, and not worrying about sizing issues.


OMG at least we only got hail (AGAIN) yesterday, and now high winds today. If it snowed I might lose my shit. (Well, I am pretty sure it snowed up in the adjacent mountains, but I don’t live up there.)


This is n=2 with myself and a girlfriend, but silicone lubricant has worked better than any commercial anti-chafe product we’ve used. It takes only a tiny amount to make a nice layer, doesn’t gum up in heat, doesn’t rub off, doesn’t have an odor, doesn’t stain…etc. Another girlfriend tried it and hated how it felt (but hates silicone based lubes in general) but for me it was a major lightbulb moment for summer comfort.


This is… good to know…


Ugh I’m so torn on the silicone idea though. I definitely tend toward crunchy, so I struggle with questions like this!

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Follow up to earlier Tiny Complaint - Who needs sleep? Not us according to a sick Baby PDM.


I miss old gym. It had a lot more available for my current level of climbing ability.

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Would baby powder slapped on your thighs do it?

You can buy cheaper (that the ones previously linked)underwear shorts at places like walmart. You might not need maternity ones at this point, just bigger than your normal size.

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Oh Im game for cheaper. And yeah I think if I can roll it below the bump I don’t need mat yet.

Hmm hadn’t considered just baby powder. I guess I assumed it’d like fall off. :sweat_smile:

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Pro tip: cover your thighs with a thick layer of superglue. Glue them together. No more chafing!


This sounds terrible.

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Do not take chafing prevention advice from Smacky!


plus if you do it the whole way to your feet you transform into a mermaid.


Two small complaints:

  • Because I am a perpetual 10 year old kid, my “poison ivy/oak season” has begun… where I have some kind of rash until the autumn because I’m always in the brush on some kind of adventure.

  • My boss at the job I’m quitting told me to basically throw any scenario or pay grade on the table to see if they can keep me in some way. The potential is stressing me out because I want to fully quit.


A million dollars/ year, free health insurance, no more than 20 hours/week…

He did say “any”