Tiny Complaints


I need to quit my Day Job but it isn’t quite time yet (a few days).
I’m so tired my eyes are burning like I got sunscreen in them.


I flew the early flight East > West and landed at lunchtime on the west coast, but am too tired to get any work done since I’ve been up since 2AM Pacific time.


I fell asleep partially sitting up and now my neck hurts.

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But you were on hard floor; I was on our old mattress (two Great Danes needing bedding = turn old matress and a couple of pallets into a dog bed).

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One of my current clients has posted on our NextDoor group to look for a dog walker to replace me.
I knew she was having trouble affording me and wanted to eventually move me to a back-up dog walker position and I was TEMPTED to lower my prices for her, but I know that if I do so… it’s a slippery slope for me.
I love her dog, and she lives SO close to me, but I can’t.
Although I was prepared for it, I was also not. You know?

I’ve turned down quite a few clients recently either for them not wanting to pay my prices or for the commute being too far. And I’m still doing just fine. It doesn’t get easier though, as I’m a people pleaser.

Just need to remember to breathe………


The only other person in the laundromat isn’t doing laundry. I’m hoping he’s harmkessly6bathing in the bathroom. But am also scared of him


I made my salad for lunch so big I don’t think I can finish it, except it’s really good and I really want to finish it.


Midafternoon snack!

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I ate it all, and now have a saladbaby.


Because I went to a super early showing of Endgame (to Avoid People™), and because I didn’t have time to eat a proper breakfast before I left, I got popcorn and soda at the theater. It has been a long time since I popcorn and soda’d at the theater. I like it because it makes it an event, and I don’t go to that many movies. But the cost of said popcorn and soda was 2.5 x the price of my ticket. :stuck_out_tongue: (Yay Discount Tuesday, though!)


I am wearing a big t-shirt and briefs and it’s so comfortable.

I need to put on a bra and business casual clothes because work probably won’t accept the t-shirt-and-pantsless look. :-1:

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I too need to put on a bra instead of just staying in a super comfy t-shirt braless and I don’t wanna.

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A potato went bad in my cupboard.



And they smell so bad. I always check the bags in grocery stores because it is not unusual for there to be one starting to spoil in the bag (not common). I can usually smell them first.


It is still so miserably cold here, my community garden org had to cancel this weekend’s plant sale fundraiser. Because it’s too cold for the tomato and pepper seedlings to grow. I was supposed to volunteer at it, and was really looking forward to doing so.

This after them having to cancel 1 day of the last “cool crops” plant sale due to heavy snow in late April.

I hate living in Hoth.


Oh, it was the smell that keyed me in. They stay in a cupboard that I don’t necessarily open every day. You know when you smell something and you are not sure where it is coming from or what it is? Yeah. The stench was mostly contained by the cupboard, so when I opened it…

(It was a closed bag of potatoes. I guess I need to open them right away in the future!)


My MIL is back at it again. Sigh…


I dislike surgery recovery.


My dog woke me up too early today. (5:16am). And now she was napping so nicely, finally, and a damn rooster crowed in the YouTube video I was watching so she FREAKED OUT and started barking at it :expressionless: Headache inbound, I can tell.


I cut part of a fingernail at work :frowning:. I was really looking forward to not having small knicks all over my hands once I leave this job in two days, but I guess I’ll have annoying cuts a little longer. (Note: I’m a cook. Not an office worker who stabs her hands.)