Tiny Complaints


I just performed a Feat of Strength and there was no applause. Disappointing.

Also, my Feat of Strength broke me. If you need me I’ll be in the bath for the next twenty years.


My feet are cold because I have to remove my shoes to feel the foot of my sewing machine to manage the speed properly.


I almost always sew in bare feet (well, socked feet, my feet are always cold), so I empathize!

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Sympathies to you, that is also my tiny complaint today. My office at work is SO COLD! I have my work shirt, a hoodie plus the extra warm hi vis site jacket and my feet are still cold with 2 pairs of socks. Curse you, work air conditioning!


My pants feel weird. Cannot elaborate, they just feel weird.


You should probably take them off.


My day job is at an Evangelical organization. :jeans: :on:


Well you said you were thinking of leaving your job right? Seems like a great opportunity to say “Here’s my two weeks notice.” then go pantsless. What could go wrong? :smiley:


So many complaints about cold! Well, me too! 3 weeks ago my boss turned the heat off at work for the Summer. As in, we are done paying for heat, suck it up. And, to be fair, we had about 3 weeks of straight 60-70 degree temps and we were all wearing shorts to work. Well, we just had a nice cold front last week and this week, so it’s been in the 20s at night, and our building is 150 years old with no insulation. So for the 8th month in a row, I have not been able to take off my puffy coat at work. I know it will get unbearably hot in a few weeks, but I am SO grumpy about still being SO cold…in May.


I really shouldn’t have two complaints in a row…but it’s going to be that kind of day :grimacing:

This morning my PT called me, and basically fired me…saying that I am “too complicated and beyond her skill set to help.” This is the morning of my appointment, an appointment that I was hoping would provide some relief from the nutty back pain that has popped up the past 10 days. I was feeling like she was in over her head, but she’s one of my only options in my tiny mountain town (and she’s a 30 min drive away!) So now I have to get on a waiting list to see a PT at the hospital in my town (so 4-6 weeks of waiting) and also get another script sent from my Orthopedist office (who while they are amazing and I love them, they are SO slow). Anyway, I shouldn’t be so frustrated, but I’ve been in pain for almost 2 years, and almost no one has been able to help me, and I’ve spent so much money, time and effort. Our medical system sucks!


This is a big complaint. :frowning: I’m sorry. This sucks.


I need to pee but my puppy is sleeping on me and is being cute and wagging while asleep.


I have crampsssssssssssssssssss.


This is a big and very valid complaint. Does she not even want to help with pain management while you’re on the waitlist?


My shoulder started to hurt last night. A lot. I may have injured it. And my hands. Accidentally as a side effect of other stuff.

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Oh no, that really sucks! Wow, it super can’t feel good to be told you’re “complicated” and “beyond help.” :persevere:

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You guys, never, NEVER even THINK the words "huh, it’s kind of amazing that I made it through the winter without getting sick. BAM! Caught a cold. I am very rarely sick, once a year tops, and I don’t do sick well.

It is 43 degrees out. In May. Unacceptable. Also apparently we’ve set some sort of rainiest-week-in-years record this week? My garden has probably drowned. I don’t know though because due to sick, I thought it was a bad idea to stand outside in mid-40s and pouring rain for any longer than necessary to take public transport to and from work.


The bed in my airbnb is too comfy to leave to get food.



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I AM IN NEW YORK. You think I can afford that? : -P