Tiny Complaints


(Plastic wrap accomplishes exactly the same thing, only without the bright red reminder to take it off again.)


How do you get it to stay? I tried with a produce bag and it was just not working out for me haha


Rubber band or tape. Or you know, buy the red thing you’re more likely to remember to take off again…


Shower caps.


In a bid to keep everyone alive, I’d like to point out that most modern smoke detectors have adjustable sensitivity ratings. Just look up your detector’s model, and see if there’s a setting you can change.


My travel mug lost its lid last week. For work this morning I had to choose weather to use my thermos for tea or for food. There was no right answer.


Alas, mine does not. The temporary mute function also does not work. It is supposed to work. It does not work. And I don’t think it’s just my units. When you’re in the hall at meal times, you can hear alarms nearly every day. I think these are just hateful stupid models.

Literally the main thing I miss about owning a house. Choosing my own damn smoke detectors.

And did you not notice the part where I’ll cover them for meals, then remove them? I’m not gonna leave them up, or turn on a stove and walk away. I’d say that’s far safer than the inclination to rip them off and smash them with a hammer.


The smallest unit I could find online was 100, the store had singles for EIGHT dollars (more than the dust covers), and the hotel SirB stays at for work doesn’t carry the freebies anymore. I gave up.


I have a horror of single point failure error chains.


My aunt very kindly made me chocolate and vanilla pudding for my stupid week of eating only pudding and chicken broth.

My uncle just ate the last of the chocolate pudding.



I tried to use social media like a young person. I discovered that my pyjama pants come up above my boobs and my first instinct was to text a friend. Then I decided to share it as an Instagram story. Then realized that person I said I was busy for two weeks saw the story immediately. Why internet, why???


I loved the look. You are classy AF.


I don’t have enough of my new medication in my body to make it through a weekend, so I ran out of energy several hours ago. Never thought I’d be so excited for a Monday…


I had a headache last night and couldn’t find my Tylenol and my room smelled like weed because my housemate smoked with her door open.

(ETA: On mobile, how does one make a general reply versus one to a specific person? Sorry if mooyou’re getting an email, LadyDuck…)


There’s a blue reply button below the post count (34/34) and next to Topic Controls.


What sort of consequences will Roommate experience for doing that?


Hmmm. That’s what I used, or thought I used. I wonder if I fat-fingered something…


This housemate is already in danger of getting kicked out for a bunch of irresponsible things (there’s a litany and she’s just barely been here a month). So, this just gets added to that list. :frowning_face:


My period started last night, and cramps are making my back hurt just enough to be annoying.


Related. My period hasn’t started yet, but I know it’s immanent and would prefer it just keep to it’s schedule and stop getting creative by a few days.