Tiny Complaints


My dog can climb ladders. At first it seemed like she could only climb up, as she had ascended to the attic of the shed and was complaining that she couldn’t get down. But then she somehow got down. Dogs aren’t supposed to be able to climb ladders.

I like her a lot, but she causes me many headaches.


Cover letters suck to be sure. I am never sure how much/little to say, and always feel like I am super bragging (even though I kind of aren’t?). I need to write one for this interesting job I just saw. GAH. Solidarity.

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I’ve personally watched a hound dog climb a chain-link fence.


Rex did that too. He was a lab mix. He also broke his chain once and left it inside the dog house so we wouldn’t realize he was gone. I miss my sneaky boy.


That is so generous, thank you! Glad to know I am not the only one that dreads the cover letter. I managed to piece one together after buckling down and forcing myself to get it done (I may have bribed myself with ice cream)


Good job Daisy cat

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My delicious burrito bowl did not contain the guacamole I was looking forward to.


Good job! A real victory, and ice cream is a delicious reward.


I’ve lost the motivation fairy. My house is a slight mess and I need to clean and tidy for a party tomorrow, but I just want to lie on couch instead.


OH NO. I can sympathize.
I hate when that happens. I’ll be GO GO GO and then I’ll slam into the ‘Sit Down Wall’. : /

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I really want a dog. I don’t have a dog.

Okay, this isn’t a tiny complaint.


I’d planned to ride my bike to a friend’s house for a gathering this evening, but it will likely be thunderstorming. So I will have to drive.

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That is not a tiny complaint at all. The saddest times in my life have coincided with no dog, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all. <3 I am sorry for your dog-less-ness.


The “make your cake and eat it too” fairy visited so at least I have cake to feed people tomorrow! But, uh, yeah, if it’s not food related right now the “slam into brick wall of Sit Down” is exactly how I feel.

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Every single group I admin is requiring work and moderation right now. And I’m sleepy and don’t wanna. (This complaint is tiny because they’re all amazing communities I’m lucky to be involved with… just WHY does it all come at once?)


It’s ten degrees out and I’m Canadian so I have been wearing a tank top and shorts. I’m so cold! But I refuse to wear more.


I’m going to run out of paint before I run out of wall

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Sorry for making your life harder, dude. But you did an amazing job at the moderation I saw.


You guys are fine. That was a small one compared to all the BNP insanity that’s been going on. It just all hit at once is all.


That was well handled. It made me super uncomfortable and I had to scroll through without commenting but I think you (and everyone participating) were very respectful and kind while saying what they needed to.