The Unf*ck It Thread

:heart_eyes: that is a drawer of beauty


It will stay like this for maybe a day. But a lot of things got rehomed because this drawer was not where I’d think to look for them. Both Mr. Meer and I said that we’ve never put the two (TWO) box cutters into the junk drawer because that’s not where they go.

On the bright side, the task I was actually supposed to be doing was putting together the grocery list and now I don’t need to get AAA batteries! We have so many batteries. So many.


This is how I feel about our front closet. There’s a cubby/drawer system full of art supplies, but things NEVER get put back. I reorganize it every few weeks, and then I can’t shut the door again within a few days :sob:


Incoming: rant.

Just took all of this out of this tiny section of room and there’s barely a perceptible visual change. I am so unbelievably sick of the tide of BULLSHIT that comes my child’s way. Why, upon seeing a child gleefully pretending that an air purifier is a cash register, do my ILs need to go buy her a plastic noisy POS? Which she now refuses to use anything else for the role imaginatively, so that just stays now. Stop wasting resources, stop making her entitled, stop undermining me trying to teach respect for the planet, stop undercutting her imaginative play, just STOOOOOP. (Not just my ILs either my mom is as bad or worse). Anyway. Sorry. Rant aside. It’s just so hard because this child has a nearly perfect memory. So anything I cycle out I have to keep an in quarantine bin for like six months. So today I’m pulling everything out of the quarantine bin that she hasn’t asked for, throwing a ton of plastic trash away, and separating stuff for offering on Buy nothing, and just generally doing a ton of work that I feel like I should not have to be doing.

(ETA to be clear, I’m not getting rid of all of this, some of it is just getting rotated off the shelves because there’s too much out and it’ll just go into toy storage to be rotated out later. Not all of this is trash.)



One of my pet peeves is toys that have 97 different pieces and if you lose one, it’s really obvious. The cuckoo loves most of her Lovevery toys and they are good quality, but there are a few where the pieces are really specific and she doesn’t even like those ones anyway! They become trash WAY too fast!

(Like, there is a jar of velcro bugs. Great. You lose a bug, you still have like 6, who’s to say you ever had a dragonfly? But then there is like a hanging bag thing with a million pockets and each pocket has a picture of an animal and there is a little flat stuffed animal that goes in the pocket, so if you lose even 1 animal, you see the gap immediately. And at any given point, approximately 38% of our toy pieces are missing under the furniture.)


I just learned that you can contact Lovevery and replace the missing pieces! If you have a subscription I think they send them for free. I pick ours up on eBay so they charged me $8 for two wooden puzzle circles which seems pretty reasonable.


This is SUPER good to know

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You guys. I purged my bra, sock, and underwear drawer. Should have done it sooner. But here we are.