The Unf*ck It Thread

My in laws are visiting today, so this morning I will be unfucking some more. Did some yesterday too. Some needed (putting away a bunch of excess toys that had worked their way out and were being ignored) and some not needed (cleaning old food out of the snack cupboard, usually like 1/4 remaining random bags of stale nuts and chips and the like). Let’s see if I can focus on the more obvious, time pressing stuff today :joy:


Today I learned that our mini-split has a filter that needs to be cleaned.


… oh no. Better check mine before it gets to be a/c weather here.



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My eyes are itching just looking at that

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After 2 weekends of “I will finally unfuck my office” :

Am I doing it wrong!?

In all honesty this is a case of “it gets worse before it gets better”. I had to get better shelves into the closet so a bunch of crap came out. Also I got a new chair and assembled it today but for the time being the new chair, old chair, and box are hanging out :sweat_smile:


100% where we’re at too. BUT. After husband plus friend plus neighbor friend working for 7 hours yesterday, and husband borrowing his work trailer, and $1200ish to ikea, we now have this glorious monolith:

Which no lie is like doubling the interior storage of our house now.

But now this means everything that was in the office is now in our room and the nursery; and a bunch of stuff is exploded in addition to that because I kept having contractions from bending over yesterday so I did some very uh, hands off parenting. Latte was so independent by her standards and I’m so proud but it also means I let her empty her and our closets of whatever she found interesting. Among other things she tried on every single shoe she’s ever outgrown :joy:

It’s gonna be a busy week lol.


Unfucked a digital one. I moved a bunch of “there forever” type reminders from my reminder app on my phone to our kitchen whiteboard where our main to do list is. This both removes random stuff from my phone screen, makes it marginally more likely they’ll get done eventually, and makes the reminder app more functional hopefully :crossed_fingers:


I sorted out my dish towels with holes. I already bought replacement. So now they were stuffed and overflowing, and we were still using ones with holes :see_no_evil::woman_facepalming:t3:


This reminds me of the tweet or something I saw about how when you buy new underwear, you don’t throw the old ones away, you sort of push them to the sides and bottom to make a nest for your precious new undies.


This is a vital role my husband holds in our relationship. He stages an underwear/shoe/etc holes related intervention and does the actual “take bedraggled item to trash” portion. Otherwise it carries on for far too long :face_with_peeking_eye::grimacing: he asks permission first, obviously, but we’ve established I’m very bad at actually starting to use new items and discard the old ones. Oops.


Unfucking the school table at the end of the school year and getting ready for summer school. :upside_down_face:

First picture was a few minutes into cleaning and is blurred because who knows what papers have names on them.


Where does your family eat during the school year?

We eat in front of the TV year round unless we have guests.


This is your official PSA to clean out your dishwasher filter if you haven’t done it recently! Our dishwasher threw an error so we went in (at 10 pm lol) and HOLY BANANAPANTS that was absolutely disgusting. But successful!

no pics because I am not a sociopath lol


What is a good way to store electronics and extension cords? I’m wondering about something like the link below, but I don’t want additional junk. Also I can’t hang things in a garage because I’m a renter.

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I read a thing recently about using tp tubes to store cords - you can write on the tube what it is. My dh thought it seemed doable, and he’s the person who um, needs to organize.


We just have a bin(s) of them. Extension/power strips in one, computer in another. USB cords liberally season our existence throughout. Spouse has a little travel cord organizer for things we take with us (USB cords, chargers power banks). I use an ipsy pouch.


Does making a list of things to unfuck count as beginning the unfuckening?

Because I have a list:

  • kitchen drawers
  • right side of hall closet
  • office closet
  • office surfaces
  • bedroom floor
  • built-in shelves
  • eta: fridge gunk

It counts!