The circle OMD love island cats.

Hello, and welcome to the circle.

Please create your profile to share with your teammates using the profile below. For the next 16 days you can compete to win a 17 billion dollar badge that I will make @smacky create for you. Remember, you can compete as yourself, or as anyone you create**…but will your teammates trust you???
** Must be a cat
*** If you are an impostor you’ll have to do a reveal when you’re voted off.

Profile picture:
Reason for competing:
Location and occupation:
Gender, sexuality and openness to internet flirts:

The circle OMD love island starts…NOW


Name: Greyweld “Definitely a Cat” OMD-er
Profile picture:

Reason for competing: I don’t know what’s happening but FOMO so ???
Location and occupation: Space, cat astronaut (aka catstronaut)
Gender: female
Sexuality: The easy answer is bi/pan and that’s probably good enough for these purposes?
And openness to internet flirts: Yes plz.


Name: Ophelia
Profile picture:

Reason for competing: I don’t know what’s going on but it sounds amazing.
Location and occupation: The Stairs, love kitty
Gender, sexuality and openness to internet flirts: I am a house cat. I have been spayed. However, if you are gentle and still I may allow pets.


Welcome to the circle Greyweld and Ophelia! The circle is a social media based game show, and love island is an alliance dating based game show. You’re now trapped in a weird mashup!!!

Two catpetitors asked me to add their profile, and my own feline entry is included here:

Name: Marco
Reason for Competing: I’m passionate about conquering my environment, and want to win praise for more friends.
Location: Kentucky National Purr Park
Gender: I don’t know
Sexuality: hard to tell when I don’t know my gender, I’m a lover and a hiker
Open to flirts: Me-ow only in the :red_circle:, I might meow you a love song


Name: Nacho

Reason for competing: I’m a natural winner, and have conquered two dogs and many hearts. Also, jewellery. And the heart of my true whiskered bff.

Location and Occupation: I’m not sure. Not the shelter. House number two. I’m the boss and I’m looking for my partner in time.

Gender, sexuality and openness to internet flirts: friends, please flirt away. I’m open to a neutered cat of any gender to move in with me and cause chaos. If you don’t like the litter box I can show you good places where the adult never checks. I can also teach you which dude is willing to pet you while you eat


In space, nobody knows that very tiny frozen space rock is actually your poo.


Nacho attn greyweld. I like you #finalfrontier

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Name: Felix

Reason for competing: I’m on the island of love :two_hearts: lovelies
Occupation: fly guy🌸
Love: I’m looking for my match. My dude loves computing and I’m here to level up. Good cooking skills preferred


Name: Catra

Reason for competing: Meow meow meow
Location: meow
Occupation: meow
Love: meow

I’m definintley a real cat and not a catfish. You can tell because I keep saying meow and have cat in my name. Look at my very real photo!

(for those of you who don’t know what’s going on, I suggest watching more trashy netflix. The Circle USA is a good place to start, then Love Island. These shows are best watched while not totally awake and/ or after imbibing of your substance of choice.



Welcome everyone…to recap the rules
The tv host makes them up.

In the circle, we can be a cat, or a catfish (the whole profile is fake) and each episode we rank the players and an unpopular player goes home. There are also challenges

In love island, players choose a partner to be in a couple with, and the uncoupled player goes home.

Tonight at bedtime the :o: will send out the first challenge. The first elimination will also be :o: style. Until then, enjoy the free catnip in your luxury apartments, and feel free to express yourself and build friendships either here in the group chat or by sliding into another cat’s DMs.

If you want to join, post a catastrophic profile before bedtime and the first chat. OR send me a DM. After eliminations the :o: will send in new players to test your hearts


Marco here: hello friends! I can’t believe we’re finally here. It’s my biggest adventure but why am I trapped indoors #welcometothecircle #letmeowout #friendships


Name: Nori
Reason for competing: I kill everything. Best hunter. Oh ok nap now.
Location and occupation: inside too much. Not enough outside. I own all I see. The hoomans are my servants.
Gender and sexuality: AMAB but assigned female by the vet for 2 weeks. Gender is a construct. Sexuality is neutered but open to flirting.

(Ps this is his human, I don’t know what’s happening but it seems fun)


Name: Lisa

Reason for competing: To bring joy and sunshine and rainbows into the world. Mostly rainbows.
Location and occupation: 90s trapper keepers, trapper keeper keeper.
Gender, sexuality and openness to internet flirts: Nonbinary, ace, and open to flirts.


:o::o::o::o:loud circle alarm

Okay circle family. The game is ON.
Time to make friends and form alliances. But remember… There’s at least one catfish among you. Who do you trust???

Players discuss (I really wish this was all in portuguese, the circle Brazil was the best. Maybe @Marcela will feel better and give us some portuguese trash talk)

  1. If you could go away for a dream vacation, where would you go, and which teammate would you take with you
  2. Who do you suspect of being the catfish…what seems fishy?
  3. What’s your dance anthem?

(Also please respond to the other cats)

(Also also please dm me and join the game)


Rules question: are we allowed to make enemies? Or is it good sports-cat-ship/strategy to make (or “make”) friends?

  • Atlantis. I’ve explored space, now I want to explore the ocean. I would bring Marco, who seems to be chill with the water.
  • I suspect Felix. I am confused about his location within my dreams as I am awake and yet he is here? And I have not seen asleep? Much confuse.
  • Space Jam.

Enemies highly allowed and kind of happens by default.


Marco here
Hola Greyweld mi amore :two_hearts::milky_way:. I’d fly to the moon with you

  1. I want to go to a treetop cathouse and take a nap with Greyweld and Lisa because they seem like good cuddlers
  2. Sorry Felix…but why are you a screenshot?
  3. :notes:I wanna Dance with Somebody
  1. If you could go away for a dream vacation, where would you go, and which teammate would you take with you
  2. Who do you suspect of being the catfish…what seems fishy?
  3. What’s your dance anthem?


I would bring Marco on a Greek holiday. Napping on warm rocks and eating fresh fish? Purrrr yes. Stripey boys are my type.

Felix is #fake

I twitch my tail to WAP but don’t ever want to need a bucket and a mop, thankyouverymuch.


I understand nothing, but this thread has made me smile today.
What kind of Portuguese trash talkare you wanting here?