Small Thing I Did to Save Money Today!


Walked to and from my hair appointment. Loving this springy weather!


Walked to a new park with Ewok and Mr HaH - free outing! I’d contemplated going to a kid-friendly cafe instead, which would have been at least $15, plus we would have had to drive.


You’ve inspired me to make a list of every park, reserve and piece of public grass within walking distance (not crossing a major road) for us to try next time I get bored and need an outing!


Waited for the (prepaid) bus rather than getting the train when I panicked about being late. I was, but only by five minutes. Then got an americano rather than a mocha from the heavily-subsidised campus Starbucks. Ridiculously small things, but I’m trying to modify the habits I’m not freezing out completely.


Walked to my doctor’s appointment instead of taking the train. I think that saved me $2.25 or maybe $0 because many times they just wave you onto the train. But it’s probably the thought that counts. Plus, sun!


I used to do this a lot – get a plain coffee or espresso when I was working in a cafe. Let me stay there a bit longer without feeling like a total dick. The best part was that when I did get a fancy drink, it felt SO FUCKING FANCY.


That’ll be the sugar :wink:


Haha, it felt fancy even if I was just getting a cappuccino! Or a matcha latte. But yes, sugar feels Even Fancier.


I ate the “emergency lunch” I had stashed away in the work freezer. Frozen veggies and ravioli.
*\o/ *


It must have been Emergency Lunch Day. Mine was rolled oats with peanut butter and one of those tiny boxes of raisins in it. I always keep all three in a desk drawer.


Resisted the urge to stop in at a cafe for a takeaway coffee on my morning walk.


Ate leftover delicious instant ramen in our (very nice) hotel room instead of going out for breakfast.


Did not buy chocolate at work.


Posted on Buy Nothing for a second sourdough jar. Even if I do eventually buying Weck jars off the internet… this is at the very least delaying, if not replacing, that purchase.


Emergency Lunch Stash is a really good idea.


I’m going to choose uber pool instead of uber, and contents of my fridge instead of skip the dishes. Probably. I’m still at work and hitting hour 13


I started the process of moving my checking account from Chase to Ally. Now that I don’t have a job, and thus direct deposit, I’ve been paying $5 every freaking month for this account. NO FEES PLEASE.

Ally pays a tiny amount of checking interest, but that’ll only work out to around $5 each year. If I can link it to a savings account, though, they have a higher interest rate than my Amex savings account.


I’ve planned dinner around the ingredients in the fridge that need to be used up.


Took train into City instead of driving all the way in and parking.


I requested a refund from my terrible Airbnb host for their aggressive, unrestrained dog. They countered my initial request, so I’m getting $50 back instead of $150. I don’t have the energy to get Airbnb involved.